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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Hitoradoshi
Owner: spotthechelsey
Breed: Kougra

About Hitoradoshi:

"No way are you leaving me here with her!" the red Kougra growled, fangs bared, pointing at a hyperactive blur.

"Hitora, I need to earn some neopoints so I can support this family. I have no choice but to leave you here to watch Wolf."

The Kougra glared at her red headed owner, and continued with her protest. "So why can't you leave Aya with her? What about Crystal?"

"Aya's helping me out with some of the heavy items in the shop. You may be strong, but he has more brute force than you. And your sister has watched Wolf the past two weeks. She deserves a decent break, so please quit your whining, because you're not getting out of it!"

And with that, the door slammed shut, leaving Hitoradoshi standing in the foyer. The gelert named WolfChild_Spirit was now running in circles around Hitora, trying to catch her own tail.

"I'm gonna catch it! Hitora, it won't get away! I promise!"

"Wolf, would you ..." Hitora started, her anger rising.

"I'll catch it for sure! Are you watching me? Watch me, Hitora! Watch, watch, watch, ..."

Fed up with the spotted gelert's antics, a sly Kougra paw inched out slowly on the floor until ...


"Ooo, pretty birdies ... Did'ja see that, Hitora? The floor punched me ..."

The gelert, having tripped, lay sprawled out on the floor, a dizzy look spinning in her eyes. Hitora, meanwhile, had her face clasped in her paw, showing obvious annoyance at having any relation to the gelert. Eventually, she removed the paw from her face and went to step over the flattened body, with every intention of leaving Wolf there. But before she could make it to the living room, the spotted blur was back on its feet, acting as if nothing had happened. Wolf raced after Hitora and cut off her path.

"That was fun! Even if I couldn't catch it, but I'm sure I could have, if only the floor didn't punch me, and I'm sure you saw that Hitora, but since when do floors hurt and why did the thing ..."

"How about we play a game?" Hitora hissed, placing her paws on the gelert's shoulders in an attempt to hold her still.

"OOO! A game! I love games! Games are cool! Games are ..."

"I get the point," Hitora cut in, in an attempt to stop the wild ramblings. "But this game ... this game," Hitora lowered her voice, dragging out the sentence, "involves ... gnomes."

The gelert stopped short, completely still. The face of the gelert would have probably turned white, with the exception that it was already painted white. Wolf's eyes bugged out, and she went from standing stiff to violently quivering.

"Ah, you don't want them to get you, now, would you?" Hitora taunted, Wolf frantically shaking her head no. "Then, you have to lay down, and remain completely still. You also have to close your eyes, otherwise they'll find you. You don't want the gnomes to get you, right?"

Wolf immediately followed the commands, remaining as still as a statue.

"Heh, I never thought it possible ..." Hitora muttered. "Okay, I'm going to go get something to take care of the gnomes," Hitora said, backing up to the foyer entrance. "And you have to remain completely still, understand? The gnomes are surrounding you. If you move ..." she let her sentence hang, and slipped out the front door.

Once outside, Hitora darted away as quickly as she could. She ran for Neopia Central, a certain stage set as her destination. 'If I can win something for Chelsey, then maybe she won't leave me to watch Wolf again,' Hitora thought to herself, and stepped up to the pet spotlight, putting on her best razor tooth-filled grin.

"Hello, everybody. For the pet spotlight, I'd like to tell you my story. My story is of danger. My story is the stuff of nightmares. My story ... is why you should never leave a cat to watch the dog."

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