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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Kinii
Owner: twenty161
Breed: Kau

About Kinii:

The cheers of the fans in the audience drowned out the sound of my labored breathing. The fans of my OPPONENT. I fit trusty kau mouth blade perfectly into the narrow grooves of my kau mouth. I shook my head, swishing the blade through the air. Ah, the battledome. I practically lived there. I wasn't very good, I was only level 14, but I was ready to win. My opponent, a red grarrl, swung his arm, throwing a sticky snowball at me. I dodged neatly, charging full speed toward him. I looked at the scoreboard above us. I had 10 hp, he had 6. I reached for my last snowball. I threw it in the air, watching it and my opponent at the same time. As the snowball came down on me, I swung my head sharply toward the blue grarrl. The Icy Snowball changed course, whistling toward him.


"Great fight, Kinii!" Brightmoon congratulated me.

"Yeah, you sure beat him!"

"You got that right, Kaedakaeda," Jenn said to my eyrie brother. "I knew you had it in you. "

"Thanks, Jenn. "

As we walked out of the battledome, I knew it too.

The next day, Jenn sent me to get the mail from the Neomail Post office. The blue techo there handed me our neomail, smiling.

As I looked through it, I saw that I had received a battledome challenge from a blue kougra named Zoroooo. I ran home, there was only 5 minutes left to get to the battledome and accept it. 4 minutes later saw me and my family of 8 others run into the large domed building that was the battledome. The challenge said that I was to go to the Ice Dome, and I ran hurriedly over to the ice incased double door. The roar of the audience met my ears. As I stood in line for accepting bd requests, my eyes caught something. A blue kougra was on the ice of the arena, skating circles around a poor maraquan gelert. My eyes were glued to the blue blur. She stopped, and seemed to goad me on with her eyes, daring me to fight. I slammed down my battledome request, picked up a pen in my hooves, and scrawled out a K, for Kinii. Jenn signed beside my messy signature, messy because of my frustration at Zoroooo and my clumsy hooves put together. The red jetsam behind the table stamped the proposal, and handed it to an attendant, who guided me to a the gate that opened onto the ice.

"Good luck!" Jenn whispered as she and the rest of her pets filed into the bleachers. I checked my backpack, everything was there, my blade, snowballs, and potions. Ready. Or not. I leaped out onto the ice, facing my opponent as the buzzer sounded the start of our battle. Zoroooo sat down, awaiting my move. The nerve of that kougra! I pulled out my kau mouth blade, ready to fight. I fitted it into my mouth, and charged. Unfortunately, I had never battled in this arena, so I didn't know how slippery it was. I went spinning in circles, my sword whirling away from my open mouth. I scrambled to my feet, trying to get to my blade, only to slip the other way. The kougra leaped to her feet, pulling out a strange potion and a sack of something smelly. I reached into my pack with one hoof, pulling out a bottle of Illusen's own mud mixture. Good for the skin, ha! I uncorked it as the kougra expertly slid into me, throwing the strange concoctions at me. In a painful moment, it was all over.

I limped out of the arena, still stunned that I had lost to the gloating kougra. I was mad, and smarting at her parting words: "Ha! Your slippery hooves are no good on the ice. Too bad!" Then, another voice interrupted my thoughts.

It was Jenn.

"Kinii, you did your best, and that was all you could do. That kougra wasn't really better, she just had expensive items, and she was

good on the ice. That will never measure up to your heart. I'm proud of you. " As I limped out into the night air, I realized that she was right.

Winning isn't everything. I would train hard, and someday I would beat that kougra good.

And I'll do it to any battledome challenger

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