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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Neptune_Flower
Owner: mistress_lavender
Breed: Cybunny

About Neptune_Flower:

Several huge, black Spyders crawled over each other to get a view of the new challenger. "You can't beat us, sissy!" croaked one of the Spyders. The challenger smirked. A dainty spotted Cybunny blinked, her large eyelashes waving, her just-perfect hair held in place with Neopet's finest hairspray. A large padded sword was in her manicured paw and a utility belt hung around her waist. "It's Spyder Squishing time," shouted the Cybunny, as she flew light a beige streak and proceeded to hack her way through the vile servants of Lord Kass. "Eeep! Gawww! Taaaw!" cried the black villains as the Cybunny, known as Neptune_Flower, slashed her way to victory. At the end of the war fight, her Battledome score rose by one.

She put away her Battledome items and sashayed out to the Grooming Parlour. The Usul running the desk smiled and signaled to another employee. "What would you like, Miss Flower?" Neptune Flower sighed and brushed back her now ruffled hairdo and replied, "The works." The Usul smiled and led her to the back. A manicurist, a pedicurist, a massager, and a hair stylist were all waiting for the frequent customer. "Another rough battle?" asked the Uni, who was working on Neptune's feet. The Cybunny nodded her head and glanced out the window, where Neopets and their owners peeked into the shops and occasionally walked out with a package or two. "Sometimes I wish I weren't a Cybunny," Neptune said aloud, looking at her reflection.

The shop's employees froze.

A tentative young Ixi, the hair stylist, shook her head. "Aw, dear, do what you want to do. It doesn't matter whether you're a huge ferocious Draik or a little Flotsam. I mean, just the other day-"

Neptune gave a woeful look, "But I am different, aren't I? I walk around with my owner, and ask her for me to go battle, but what about my sisters? They've never battled in their lives! I mean, my oldest sister is of a rougher breed and she still doesn't battle! I'm a small little Cybunny and I spend gobs of neopoints on swords, not shoes." The massager nodded and rubbed lotion on the Cybunny's legs, which were dirtied and matted from battle. "Someday," Neptune continued, "I'll do the impossible. I'll battle the strongest bad guy Neopia throws at me and I'll win! Dr. Sloth won't be expecting a Cybunny to beat him!" she exclaimed. The shop employees chuckled and agreed heartily.

The Kacheek painting her nails piped, "How many Spyders have you destroyed so far?" Without hesitating, Neptune replied, "17 and counting." The Kacheek smiled. "They aren't expecting a Cybunny with a manicure to defeat them!" The group of Neopets working on Neptune all laughed and finished up their services. "I think I'll give up battling for a while," Neptune Flower said, looking at her shiny nail polish, in magenta pink. "Maybe I'll try modeling or acting or singing; I've always wanted a pink boa to wear!" thought Neptune. All the employees waved her goodbye as she left the shop. Neptune looked at her watch. "Hmmstill 20 minutes until I need to meet my owner at the Wishing WellI'll head over to the bookstore and see if there are any new novels out." The Cybunny hopped along, looking at passing Neopets, all of which seemed to be either battle-worn or carrying a bag from the Battle Magic shop. Neptune Flower hopped by, tempted to enter. "Nah, I've got plenty of battle items," she concluded. Walking towards the bookstore, the Cybunny spotted the Battledome, gleaming bright in the Neopian sun. She paused a moment, staring at the scores of the standing battlers for Lord Kass. "A lot are still left" Neptune whispered to herself. The Cybunny stared at the numbers, which changed every now and then. A smirk, the same smirk she used in battle, spread across her face. And the spotted Cybunny, fresh from the Grooming Parlour, entered, daring any opponent to challenge her and her manicured paws.

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