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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Monstour
Owner: skured
Breed: Korbat

About Monstour:

Hello I am Monstour, and as you can quite plainly see I am a mutant Korbat. So lets move on with the story shall we?

My family and I live on Mystery Island and travel to Neopia Central around once a week to do some shopping. Usually my owner Skured allows us to buy a cheep something as a way to keep us from complaining as she does grocery shopping. Usually we just buy a piece of candy or a cheep toy that falls apart the first time it is played with. One day however when we were being dragged through the The Neopian Bazaar we walked past a giant trumpet. Skured said it was the music shop where all the finest musicians in Neopia purchased their instruments. I begged her to let us go inside and she allowed it.

Inside there was a wide array of fantastic instruments, from Wooden Washboards to Violins. I gazed at all the pretty new instruments but one especially caught my eye. It was an elegant black accordian. Never had I seen an instrument so unusual and interesting. I asked the shop owner if I could play it. The red Kyrii grinned and reached for it off the shelf and told me to just be careful with it okay short stuff. I squeezed it and no sound came out as I had not expected. The Kyrii said I had to push the keys and chuckled. So I did that and (as much as I would like to say otherwise) the music that came out was dreadful. I thought it was broken so I told the Kyrii but he said it was me who made it sound so bad. I was quite upset over this but he told me that with practice I would be able to play that accordian like a pro in no time at all.

With that I ran up to my owner and jumped up and down begging with all my might if I could have the accordian. She said yes after a while but it cost me a month of no cheep toys and candy. I practiced every day on my accordion first learining the notes and scales, and then moving on to learning about different songs that could be played on an accordian. Soon as the Kyrii had said I was playing like a pro. I wished to exhibit my newfound accordian playing skills and that is how my sister Ogwap came up with an idea.

Ogwap said that I should audition for an orchestra, but when I tried out they said they had no need for an accordian player. This made me quite upset but I did not give up. In the meantime I played for a local polka dance club to make some Neopoints for stuff I wanted to buy. After I became bored with playing polka tunes for old Neopets I decided it was time for a change.

On a notice board there was a sign for a band wishing to hire a new musician. When I went in for my audition I was quite surprised to see that the members of the band wore grungy clothes and had long and spiky hair. They were quite interested when they saw my accordian and heard me play it. They all agreed that it was not a traditional instrument for their type of music but they were willing to try it out. We became very famous in our area, not nearly as famous as the bands that play in the Tyrannian Concert Hall but pretty famous none the less.

I went back and auditioned for the orchestra and they accepted after finding out who I was and I even got a solo. I am still in the band and we are doing great. We hope someday to be able to play among the greats, like Gruundo and Sticks N Stones. I suppose the lesson I am trying to convey is to never give up on your dreams and do your best to succeed.

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