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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Kotick89
Owner: parmadur
Breed: Tuskaninny

About Kotick89:

Kotick89 lay in bed, watching rainbows play on his ceiling. He loved rainbows; to him they signified peace, friendship, and happiness. Suddenly he remembered - today was adoption day! He raced downstairs (as well as a full-grown Tuskaninny can race) and bounced into the dining room. "Hi, Mom!" he said. His owner, Parmadur, was setting the table for breakfast. She had gotten out three plates today - not just two. Kotick grinned and gave his mom a big hug. "When are we going to go adopt my brother?" he asked.

"Well, honey," replied his owner, "I actually already got him! He's waiting for you in the kitchen."

Kotick's eyes lit up. "What species is he?" he asked excitedly. He paused, and then said, "No, let me guess! Did you adopt a poor Flotsam sitting in the pound who can have swimming races with me?"

"Nope. Not today."

"Hmm. I know!" Kotick's face lit up with a smile. "You adopted a Zafara who loves reading and learning like me!"

"Guess again." A smile played on Parmadur's face.

"An Usul?" Kotick asked in bewilderment. "A Lupe? An Elephante?"

"Nope. Your brother is very special." Parmadur said. "I actually created him - he's an Ice Bori."

Kotick's face went white - even whiter than it already was. "An Ice Bori?" he asked in a weak voice. "Mother, you didn't!" He sank down in a chair, his eyes full of horror. "Have you any idea how useless and boring those pets are?" he asked incredulously. "They can't go out in the sun, because they'll melt. They can't swim because they'll melt." He ticked off the list on his fingers. "They can't run races because they're fragile. They can't even enjoy a nice warm fire in the fireplace!" He looked at his owner, tears glistening in his eyes.

Parmadur looked at him with her eyebrows raised. "Is thatquite all?" she asked in a dangerously low tone of voice. "Your brother is waiting for you in the kitchen. If you've stopped complaining about how awful he is before you've even met him, you can go in there and say hello."

Kotick sulked in his chair, then sighed and stomped over to the kitchen, which was kind of difficult seeing that he didn't really have feet. As he opened the door to the kitchen he immediately noticed that something was different. There were rainbows! Rainbows decorating the floor, the walls, and the ceiling! They weren't painted, they were constantly in motion, twirling and bending. Kotick shifted his eyes away from the walls, and towards what was generating this fantastic light show. It was, naturally, the Ice Bori sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor.

"Hi," the creature said shyly. "I'm Prism. Prism89. Are you my brother?" The blue-ish, clear-ish Bori wagged its tail and some rainbows disappeared and reformed different places on the wall. Kotick stared in astonishment. He hadn't thought about anything that this new pet in Neopia might be able to do well. The white Tuskaninny stuttered for a moment, and then said, "Yes, Prism, I'm your brother Kotick89." His face cleared of any disappointment he had previously had, and a new sparkle came to his eyes.

"Welcome to our family."

Since then, Kotick89 and Prism89 have been closest of friends. They both enjoy reading, and Prism actually doesn't melt in the sun or while swimming. Whenever someone tries to make fun of the icy pet, Kotick (with his strength and level of 25) sticks up for him. And whenever Kotick gets sad, Prism and his rainbows are always there to cheer him up. Both of the pets learned a valuable lesson that day -you should get to know pets before you decide that you don't like them; and rainbows are sometimes the best introduction you can have.

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