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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Katina_246
Owner: cool_frenzy
Breed: Bruce

About Katina_246:

Hello, everyone, you can call me Kat, though my full name is Katina_246! If you are reading this right now, YAY!!! It is probably because I won the Pet Spotlight! Congratulations to me... Congratulations to me... Well, just kidding! I am presenting my tale of a trip to Terror Mountain where I saw the most beautiful sight!


"Almost reaching there... just hold on..." my owner, Crimson, smiled weakly at us as we traveled through dark alleys and wide mountain paths towards our destination of all mountains, Terror Mountain.

"Oh gosh! We have been travelling for almost two days!" Felynnia grumbled, wiping her forehead with her hankerchief, oblivious to our irritated stares. She had practically packed her whole cupboard here, that was why she was feeling exhausted!

"Oh well, THAT'S because you had just moved 'house', unlike all of us here, we have only packed the necessities!" Celtyane retorted, rolling his eyes. Felynnia's eyes turned red as she scowled. As she was just about to yell, Yvonnye halted her calmly. Sighing in relief, I glanced over at Yvonnye as she sighed too.

"Oh, no, you don't!" Crimson came between the bickering pair. "We are going to a VACATION to relax and put our minds at ease for some time, and the two of you are not going to spoil this vacation! It is not going to be the start of another 'volcano'! Now, relax!" she added, gazing at my two siblings firmly. The pair, although they had calmed down, frowned and refused to speak to each other, with that ugly frown still suspended on their faces.

"Alright, let's go now! SET OFF!!!" Crimson grinned, speeding away with us following her crazily.


"We are finally here!" Crimson smiled, pointing her finger at Terror Mountain which was a few yards away from our spot. The rest of us panted heavily, tilting our head to have a better view.

"Now, let's enter the Slushie Shop first!" Celtyane shrieked in delight, his eyes wild as he rushed, with all of us following him.

"Mmm..." Felynnia took a big gulp of the slushie after Crimson had bought them for us. "NOTHING beats this SNOW Slushie! Yummy! It sure tastes good!" she smiled, licking her lips, taking a big bite of the slushie.

"Erm...? Felynnia? You don't bite the slushie, you drink it..." Yvonnye corrected her, looking disgusted as the snow from the Snow Slushie was dripping from Felynnia's mouth. Felynnia, looking sheepish, used her hankerchief and wiped her mouth. Celtyane burped loudly, without a tinge of regret even though everyone in the shop was looking at him.

"Erm.. okay, guys, let's go now!" Crimson hurriedly urged us, as the shop keeper looked forlorn as Felynnia was making a fool of herself and Celtyane was burping every minute. However, the two of them were totally oblivious to everything that was happening around them. Everyone frowned at them and some neopets gossiped sneakily.

"C'mon, let's go!" Crimson dragged Felynnia and Celtyane. Yvonnye and I trudged on behind them, on the icy trail to Terror Mountain.


"See the scenery? They are so beautiful!" I cried out to Yvonnye, but she did not answer as she was engrossed in the scenery. The snow covering the mountains and houses shone and shimmered in the sunlight as they melted a little. They were like crystals that flashed!

"Oohh! I love it!" Felynnia cooed, jumping up and down enthusiastically. Celtyane flapped his wings eagerly, signalling to explore around. The five of us sat down on the cliff, peering into all edges of the mountains while drinking our superb slushies.

"Enjoying the view, guys? Alright! We will observe for a few minutes more before setting off to the skating rink!" Crimson announced, much to our joy. We yelped in happiness, sitting down and observing the view and playing with the snow. We picked up handul of snow and rolled it into balls before starting a snowball fight! To me, this was the very best and significant moment and I will definitely not forget it!

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