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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: tona933_68803
Owner: lilostitch25
Breed: Nimmo

About tona933_68803:

This is a young nimmo named tona933_68803. The picture that you are seeing is her neoschool picture. She looks like she is totally normal in this picture right? Well, you were not there the night before.

It was a usual day I pryed all of my pets out of bed, ate breakfast,checked the weather around Neopia, and went off in to the vast wonders of this world. Every thing was normal until i told my pets to get everything ready for picture day-that was when the chaos began.

It took everyone but tona about five minutes to get their clothes,lunches and homework ready for tommorrow. Tona yelled "AHHHH! Shekeo GET IN HERE! NOW!" Shekeo sprinted into the bedroom. "Whoa what happened to you?" Shekeo said in complete suprize. I muttered to myself, "Oh no what did she do now?" Calmly as i could I walked to Tona's room expecting the worst. I braced myself for the worst.

I stepped in the squishy room made of purple jelly. "Oh tona baby what did did you do?" I said with sorrow in my voice. Her usually yellow face was very messily decorated with purple eyeshadow, lipstick and blush, and her head had what looked like a bunch of grass taped to her head -i quickly noted that it probably was grass.

"Mom,*sniff* I just wanted to look pretty for my picture almost all the rest of the people in my classes are unis, kougras, kacheeks, gelerts all things with lots of pretty fur. and i dont have any at all. I thought the grass would make it look like i had hair and that my make-up would make me look older, and besidespuple is my favorite color and it used to look really nice." Wimpered Tona."You used to be blue but I painted you yellow." I said trieing to hide my giggles. "But you could barely see it on Shekeo" commented Tona. Shekeo and I burst into laughter. "Tona she is purple just like the make-up!" I said with tears of laughter in my eyes.

"Baby you are beautiful like you are and you do not need that stuff to make you look nice. What you do need is a bath, if you take one I will bring you to a shop that is open late to get you a cute new outfit." I said with affection. "Really?" she said with excitement. " I guess I could suffer through a bath if I get to go to a mall."she said

"Ok we are at the biggest mall that we could find you little missy need to find an outfit that does not cost over 500np and that you love."i said. Tona's eyes widened "You mean that i can spend a whole 500np!?!?" She shreiked.

"Yep, you had braces in your first year, a buzzer sting in your second year, and last year we had that mishap with the rainbow pool. I want this year to be perfect." i said with a grin remembering all those nutty pictures.

We were walking when all of a she sudden she stopped dead in her tracks gawking at an orange t-shirt with a red peace sign on it and a denim jacket and matching jeans. "That is perfect!" she said stressing the word perfect. I looked at the price, "wow and it's only 300NP." I exclaimed. We bought that outfit and all of her classmates got jealous so we were all proud.

That night we learned a little lesson, you are beautiful the way you are and you do not need to change. Tona has learned to like being yellow but she still wants to be blue again and so do I thats the color that I picked when I first made her and wish I would not have painted her.

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