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Pet Name: Patitoor
Owner: cool_angel160
Breed: Meerca

About Patitoor:

A slimy green Meerca walks up onto the stage, some of the judges look a little sick as the Snot Meerca leaves a long gooey trail behind him. The Meerca takes the microphone in front of him and starts to talk.

"Uh, hello. My name is Patitoor and as you can see I'm a Snot Meerca, and have been for quite a while now and I'll tell you a bit about me and how I became how I am. Well, it was a rainy Friday the 13th when my owner and me had walked up the rocky trail leading to the Secret Laboratory. I had been going up to the Laboratory for a couple months now and I wasn't as nervous anymore as the crazy spiked hair Scorchio led me to the lab ray and carefully strapped me to the chair sitting in front of it. The mad scientist walked over to the control panel and snapped a pair of goggles over his eyes, 'You ready?' he asked me, 'Of course! What's the worst that could happen?' I said knowing how the lab ray can make me into a super strong pet. 'Ok' the Scorchio said and fired up the lab ray. At first the ray made the normal crackling and buzzing noises but then started shaking and sputtering smoke, 'Fire in the hole!' yelled the Scorchio ducking under the console. I started to panic as the ray shook harder and finally sprayed a green electrical bolt at me, I felt extreme pain as I watched in horror as my skin turn green and goopy! Next thing I knew the mad scientist was crazily banging the control panel saying 'No! I can't believe it broke!' and my owner was looking at me in shock, I looked down at myself and thought 'Broken? But that means' 'No!' I yelled out loud 'this can't be permanent! I just can't!' 'Well, it's not, we can change you back but I'll need some time to fix the machine' 'How much time?' my owner said quietly, the scientist looked sympathetically at both my owner and me and said 'well to be honest, I'll need at least a month' 'WHAT!? A whole month' I yelled and started to cry realizing my tears we nothing more then more snot. My owner then picked me up as we silently walked home.

My life was miserable for the next week when my owner encouraged me to go to neoschool. At first all the other Neopets screamed when they saw me and ran away yelling 'Watch out! It's Meuka! Meuka is here!' and one of the teachers even called the Chia Police in panic, my owner had to explain everything to them and brought me home. My owner saw how sad I was and even got me an Anubis because the Shopkeeper said that they never judge anyone and would stay loyal to it's owner. My Anubis which I named Orion did not judge me, which made me slightly happier, but it still didn't change to fact that I was green, slimy and left massive snot trails behind me.

About two weeks now after my bizarre change and a sudden surprise happened, my owner who regularly submitted some of her levels for Hannah and the Pirate Caves spotlight had suddenly won! She was so excited, and so was I for a while before realising that a T.V. crew would be coming to interview her and her pets, which included me. So later that afternoon after the T.V. crew had set up, and had my owner, me, and my two sisters sitting beside the interviewer who began asking questions. After a while the interviewer suddenly turned his head in my direction and asked 'Do you ever feel fortunate that you have been turned such a rare colour?' at first I thought he was mad but then I thought, 'I am rare! There are practically no Neopets like me in the entire Neopia! I am truly unique, strangely coloured but unique!' 'Well?' the interviewer said, 'Well, it's weird to be such a bizarre colour, but yes I do feel fortunate being the only one of me!' I happily replied and listened as he asked my family a couple more questions and finally ended and started packing up. After all the people left and I got ready for bed, and was about to go to sleep, I started thinking.

It was now a month since I turned into Snot; I had started a new attitude about my new colour and was proud of what I was. I traveled up to the laboratory to go talk to the mad scientist, 'Ah! Patitoor! I finished fixing the ray just yesterday! I'm guessing you'd like to be changed now?' 'Sorry, not today doc, I've realized that I'm very lucky to be how I am and I won't be changing today, maybe someday tomorrow, but not today' the scientist nodded and watched as I left the lab proud."

Patitoor puts down the microphone and listens to the clapping coming from both the audience and the judges; he takes a deep sigh of relief and bowed causing some cheering from enthusiastic audience members. "Thank you all! Thank you so much!" he says as he slowly makes his way off the stage and behind the curtain.

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