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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Bluie_Sunshine
Owner: devious_princess
Breed: Kacheek

About Bluie_Sunshine:

The Adventures of Bluie Sunshine and Mojo

Hi, my name is Bluie Sunshine and I'm a blue kacheek, as you can probably tell. I have my very own petpet. His name is Mojo and he is a MongMong. Recently, he and I were given a spectacular tropical vacation to Hawaii provided by my wonderful owner and friend, Amie. We had the best times of our lives. While in Hawaii, we went on many adventures, and this is where my story begins.

Mojo and I spent our first days at the beach. It was great. Lots of sunshine, and wonderful new things to look at. My, those palm trees were MIGHTY BIG! We saw many species of birds and butterflies on our adventure. Of course, we took tons of pictures so we could send them to Amie back home. She enjoyed them a lot! Anyway, Mojo and I took a tour of the great caves. It was dark and kind of scary, but I had to be brave for my dear petpet since he is such a tiny thing that scared easily. We saw lots of shiny chrystal rocks. As we were walking, we spotted this large brown trunk that looked like a treasure chest so we walked closer and closer and closer then BAM, the trunk door flew open! We were amazed at the sight we saw. It WAS a treasure chest full of goodies! Mojo and I peeked inside to see what else was buried at the bottom of the trunk. There were pictures of Lupes, Chias, Aishas, Blumaroos, Meercas, Bruces, Kikos, Shoyrus, Korbats, JubJubs, Myncis, and best of all, Kacheeks of all different colours! We saw neopet paintbrushes, battledome weapons, board games, neopet toys, and neopet books! It was soooooooooo cool! A neopet collector must have left those treasures for us to find. I bet he wanted people to learn more about the land of Neopia! Wow. Mojo and I spent hours looking at all the wonderful gifts left behind, and took a few things as souvenirs. Of course, we didn't want to take everything because we wanted other neopets and petpets to find this treasure. I took a picture of a blue kacheek, a paintbrush, and a toy! Mojo took some games and books! We had a really fun time down in the caves. After we put the treasure chest back, we made our way out of the caves and back into the sunny skies of Hawaii. We were quite tired after our adventure in the cave, so we put up our beach umbrella, laid out our blankets on top of the hot sand, put on our sunglasses, and took a nap. How refreshing!

A few hours later, we woke up to the singing of the birds....not to mention the fact that a coconut fell on my head! Ouch! I was really thirsty and so was Mojo so we went to a drink stand and got ourselves some cool blueberry slushies! Yummy in my tummy! After we drank our slushies, we went scuba diving in the beautiful waters of Hawaii with the other neopets and petpets. While we were swimming under the water, we saw many schools of fish swimming together. There were red ones, and yellow ones, and blue ones, and purple ones, and pink ones, and orange ones! We saw lots of baby fishies swimming with their mommies and daddies, it was very cool. We also saw lots of pretty exotic underwater plants. I wanted to take some home, but Amber the Aisha said that I shouldn't because it could be harmful to me, and also because it belongs to the waters and I should leave it there. I learned so much that day about plants, fishes, rocks, and of course, the water. It was very tiring indeed after 3 hours of swimming so Mojo and I went back to the shore to dry off. That's when we met Melody the Bruce, who introduced us to her petpet Hopso, who introduced us to his friend Ali the Alligator, who introduced us to Stacy the Korbat, who introduced us to her petpet Gracie. Whew. Mojo and I met many friends that day! We all sat on the beach, played games, and had a really good time. Then we had to go back to get some sleep and said goodbye to our new friends. Mojo and I hoped that this vacation would never end, but we missed our owner Amie. After tomorrow, it was time to go home, but not after one more adventure!

Time sure flies by when you're on a beach soaking up the sun, but don't forget to put on sunscreen. It's very important. You wouldn't want to get a sunburn. Now, back to our last day in Hawaii. It was time to go.......SHOPPING!!!!!!! We walked around and saw this store called NeoStuff that sold only Hawaiian, neopet and petpet things! We bought a beaded necklace, a picture frame, a stuffed animal of a Bruce, and Neopia Monopoly for Amie. I got some blue Hawaiian shirts, a kite for Mojo, a magnet of a palm tree, and some little pins of all the species of neopets!!! Mojo got some sunglasses, a cool blue hat for me, some postcards, and a cd of Hawaiian and Neopet music! After we were finished shopping, we went back to the beach one last time. As we were getting ready to leave, a bottle washed up on shore. "WOWWWWWW! ANOTHER TREASURE!!!!!" Mojo said excitedly.We ran towards it, picked up the bottle, and opened it. There was a note inside that read, "Dear Bluie Sunshine and Mojo the MongMong, Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. Come back soon so we could all explore the caves together. From all your new friends in Hawaii." Mojo then said, "Wait Bluie, there's something else inside the bottle." He was right and I shook the bottle until that thing came out. I unfolded it and it was a picture that Mojo, me and all our new friends took the day before. "What an adventure it was" I said. Now, it was time to head back home to Neopia and share our new adventure with all of our neofriends.

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