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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Eenot
Owner: dixiedawg68
Breed: Peophin

About Eenot:

My name is Eenot. I am a Peophin. Dixiedawg68, my owner, has told me that I was chosen for my beautiful and graceful appearance. "All Peophins are beautiful," said dixiedawg68. "Eenot, you were my very first pet. I had been told about Neopets by a friend. She had a young, graceful and beautiful Zafara."

I interrupted my owner's story at this point. "So you decided to get a Zafara for yourself, right?"


"But as you were looking for one, you found me."

"Sort of. I was browsing among the different species of pets when I saw a Peophin. I fell in love at first sight. I chose a Peophin rather than a Zafara."

"And you brought me home."

"Yes. You were so beautiful with your long, green mermaid tail. That combined with my love of horses to make you the perfect pet for me."

I have thought about her stories so long. And I have cried and cried, knowing that I will never, ever be the graceful, beautiful Peophin she wants me to be. Less than a week after dixiedawg68 brought me home, she discovered something about me. I am not graceful at all. If there were a "Clumsiest Neopet" trophy, I would be the one to win it. It all started on that one day...

Dixiedawg68 had to go to the Food Shop in Neopia Central to buy some supplies for the two of us. However, being a newbie, she had very few neopoints and could not find anything affordable.

"Please, Momma," I said. "I'm hungry."

The kind Chia who owned the shop looked at dixiedawg68 with pity. "Go to the Soup Kitchen in the Marketplace."

Dixiedawg68 didn't waste any time. "Come on, Eenot! Let's go get some food!" She began to run. I tried to run after her, but with my long fish tail I stumbled and tripped. I fell, hitting the ground with a loud THUD! As dixiedawg68 turned around, I heard laughter, horrible loud laughter from the stuck-up Unis, limited edition Cybunnies and restricted Krawks.

Dixiedawg68 tried to comfort me when we were safe and sound at home, but to no avail. I refused to leave our house for several days. One day dixiedawg68 came home with an announcement. "I've been on the chat boards. Eenot, they're starting a poise class!" I brightened immediately. This was my chance to become graceful! Dixiedawg68 brought me to the class, but a daily lesson was 250 NP, more than what we had, being newbies.

"Sorry, Eenot. We can't afford the poise classes." Dixiedawg68 sounded very disappointed. As we walked home, she had an idea. "Eenot, you're a water pet. Maybe you'd be more graceful in the water! Let's go to Maraqua!"

She was right!... or so I thought. I was swimming very well but when I turned around to wave, I crashed into a Koi. "Hey, watch where you're going!" he yelled as I crashed to the ground, hitting the sandy bottom of the ocean. I swam up to the surface and shook the water out of my hair. "Momma, this isn't going to work."

As the years passed, though, I have gotten several brothers and sisters: Foumare the Eyrie, Burdsy the Lenny and Rullei the Chia. They appreciate me and love me as their big sister, especially Rullei, my sister who continually asks for my advice on her problems. I have learned that being graceful isn't everything. Rullei always looks at me and says, "You're more graceful than I'll ever be, Eenot. Look at me, with my big feet that I can only stumble around with! I can't even swim. You can swim really well, that is, if you look where you are going."

I have learned so much from my little sister. She is the smallest of our family, and even clumsier than me! She doesn't let any of that bother her, though. I have discovered that I don't need to be graceful to be myself. I may be a klutz, but I'm still me!

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