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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Alvaira
Owner: gothicvampireelf
Breed: Scorchio

About Alvaira :

My name is gothicvampireelf, and this is my first Neopet, Alvaira, the red Scorchio. I drew this picture of her recently, as she was standing on a rock, the night sky surronding her, the stars twinkling. Yet, they didn't illuminate her, she illuminated them. This is why Alvaira deserves to be given the Pet Spotlight.

Alvaira, her sisters - PassionShadow the blue Shoyru, ChrisDangerous the blue Lupe and EnzoDangerous the green Zafara - and I were taking a moonlit walk by the side of a river. We stopped to sit on the grass. Although it was late, I decided to take my pets out for a walk. They don't often stay up late, but that night was different. There was a rock, and Alvaira jumped onto it and looked up at the stars. "Do you suppose we are protected by some unseen force?" she asked.
"I don't kow, Alvaira." I replied "I really don't know."
Alvaira looked up again, gazing into the night sky. I could almost see her imagination flying around her head. After about three minutes, she spoke again. "What decides our future?" she looked at me with her soulful green eyes.
"Destiny." I said "Destiny decides our future. It is an unseen force, but the most powerful force to work on us. We all have a destiny, whether it is good or bad, whether it will help someone or not."
Alvaira looked up into the sky once again. The stars in the dark sparkled above her, and her eyes sparkled also, as if they too had stars in them. She thought for about five minutes, then she broke her thoughtful silence. "No matter what my destiny is, or yours, I hope that our destinies keep us together. I would rather have a bad destiny that have a destiny without all of you. If I did have a destiny without you four, I would have a bad destiny."
As I heard Alvaira's words, I was touched. Those simple words made me feel so happy. I saw the others in the corner of my eyes. PassionShadow smiled gratefully, speaking so many words of praise and thank you's without her actually saying anything at all. ChrisDangerous gave Alvaira a hug and said "And my destiny would be pointless without you. I believe I speak for all of us." and we all nodded, too touched for words. EnzoDangerous's eyes filled with tears of love and joy and she too gave Alvaira a warm hug. And me? I was so proud of my Neopet, so happy that she had said that, I struggled to find the words. But I knew exactly what to say. "Thank you, Alvaira. I am so happy that you are my Neopet. I couldn't wish for better Neopets than all of you. And I know our destinies will keep us together."
And Alvaira understood, she didn't say so, but her starlit peridot eyes confirmed that she did. She smiled. It was a smile of love and happiness which I have never seen before. But now, whenever I look into any of my pets eyes, I see it. You just have to look deeply enough.
Since that night, we have been brought closer together. That is why I think Alvaira deserves the Pet Spotlight. She is beautiful in all ways possble, and some ways not believed to be possible. She has made me believe in myself more. She has brought me and my pets closer together. She has made me and the other Neopets feel special. Me and them have decided this ourselves. It would be just a small token of our gratitude. It would also let the whole of Neopia know what a wonderful Neopet I have got.

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