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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Xynzar
Owner: xyvandar
Breed: Nimmo

About Xynzar:

Greetings. I am Xynzar the Nimmo. It's hard to pronounce, so I don't really mind when someone doesn't say it right. It is pronounced "Zyn-Zar" for those of you who were wondering. Now, I'll say it right off the bat: I'm not your average Neopet. While others find joy in simple pleasures, I live a wandering life. Recently I have been searching for myself, and decided that it would be to my benefit to share my story with the world. First, I would like to tell you something very important about my roots.

Contrary to what many would think, I was neither born directly to my owner, Xyvandar, nor was I adopted. My owner came across me wandering the forests, lost and confused. He showed me my true goal, my true path and showed me what happiness is. You see, I was born into the wilderness. My mother was a Lupe, my father a Nimmo. When I was young and naive, I was handed a staff. No ordinary staff, but an ancient staff which I carry even now tucked in the back of my memories. Days later, wild Skieths attacked my home and I was forced to flee. I wandered through the forests of Neopia, looking for guidance. It was not long before I met Xyvandar, who is now my owner. He was wandering through the forests, writing stories and poems in lavish detail. I approached him and he looked up. His eyes glowed with the light of a thousand suns, and I knew my life would not be the same, ever.

After I first encountered my owner, he decided that he would take me in. I had a name before, I was sure, but I did not know what it was. he bestowed upon me a new name, Xynzar. It was strikingly similar to his own name, Xyvandar. He said that his name was only one of his many names, a name once used in a forgotten tongue. Then he spoke to me, and he spoke the wisest words I have ever heard.

"You must live life to the fullest." my owner spoke. "You must find the delicate harmonious balance between joyfulness and seriousness. You must fight for what you believe in, fight for all that is good, and take joy in the things you find joy in. Remember, there is no substitute for happiness and righteousness. We are here for a reason, and that reason is to stay together, and walk the land proud."

From that moment on, I realized the depth of my owner, and I realized what I must do. I decided I must become a warrior. He said that the shadow, the power of darkness, was incredible, and not to be misused.

"The shadow can be a deadly weapon." Xyvandar said to me. "The darkness is one of the greatest forces of the earth, but you must learn to use them for what is good. Do not let your mind be corrupted by the ease of evil. The shadow owes only to what is right."

I knew that my owner knew more than I, so I took his advice. Even now, I keep the delicate balance between joy and dedication. I have many hobbies which I am interested in, and I am an avid collector of memorabilia, and hope to be a serious collector in the future.

But now I must train. There is much evil in the world, and it can only be purged by righteousness. I am learning to use the shadow for justice, and control great forces of nature to stop all evil. I walk the shadow and search the biting cold, in silent contemplation, thinking about the world, and how I can use the great nature to my advantage. And day by day, I grow more content, for I know I am fighting for what is right and I am enjoying the things that make me happy.

On an unrelated note, my owner has said that I would look fierce, menacing, and "cool" if I were painted Halloween. I agree. The other Nimmos painted Halloween are some of the most intimidating battlers I have ever seen. I cannot wait for the day of my painting.

As a final note, I leave you with this poem, which my owner Xyvandar has given to me. Listen to the words of his poem, and contemplate.

Through rain, fire, ice, wind
Through tall, short, thick, thin
The towers high, they do not fall
The good it triumphs o'er all

The coat of shade, the coat of shine
Entranced by all that's good and fine
Stand tall above the world on high
For days of promise soon draw nigh

And if the shadow seems too dark
Hear the sound of bells, hark!
The ringing signals sun and moon
Blessed by this engaging tune

Happiness, contentment reign
Depression, sadness just a feign
Take pride in joy, take pride in life
Stand for your rights through peace and strife

So stand for justice, stand for truth
Fight all evil, nail and tooth
Stand up for glory, reject sin
Through rain, fire, ice, wind

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