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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Kazinji
Owner: kelandra
Breed: Zafara

About Kazinji:

A rather small spotted Zafara stepped into the Spotlight, she wore a purple dress, a crown, and a very crooked pair of purple wings made out of cardboard. She looked around nervously and cleared her throat before she started talking.

"Ahem... my name is Kazinji, I'm a Zafara and I live on Mystery Island, and I am NOT afraid of Halloween!"

"YES YOU ARE!" came a shout from offstage followed by several giggles.

"Shutup back there! This is MY turn in the spotlight! Er sorry about that folks," she said turning back to the audience with a sheepish grin. "Those are just my two older sisters and my stupid older brother. They think I'm scared of Halloween and I entered into the spotlight for Halloween just to prove them wrong! I am NOT afraid of Halloween or anything to do with Halloween! Look I even dressed up for Halloween this year, see? I'm Fyora the Faerie Queen!" Kazinji did a little pirouette and her cardboard wings flopped up and down. "I worked VERY hard on my costume because someday I want to be JUST like Fyora and have a whole hidden tower all full of super cool, super expensive items! It would be my OWN tower and I wouldn't let anyone else in it, and I'd paint it pink and it would have pretty... YAAAAGGHHH!!!!!" Kazinji shrieked as a handful of spider liquorice thrown from offstage hit her in the face.

"Get em off me! Get em of me!" Kazinji bounced around the stage flinging her arms around to get the spiders off, not noticing the roars of laughter coming from backstage. She stopped suddenly when she realized the spiders weren't moving, picked one up and looked at it. "Ummm... yes, nice trick guys! Real nice, very MATURE! Hmph," she grumbled as she flicked the liquorice spider away.

"Ooh! I'm not afraid of Halloween! Get em off me! Get em off me!" someone offstage cried out in a falsetto imitation before more hoots of laughter started up.

Kazinji shot a glare that could melt an ice negg to her siblings backstage; she clenched and unclenched her fists and took a deep breath. "Anyways, like I was saying I am NOT afraid of Halloween at all! I like going trick or treating around the neighborhood and getting sweets, lollipops and chocolate from our neighbors."

"Even though you make Kel carry you the whole time because you're too afraid of ghosts sneaking up on you!"

"I'm going to IGNORE that!" said Kazinji, her spotted cheeks turning bright red. "I ONLY had her carry me because I didn't want to get my shoes dirty! BUT MOVING ON! Another thing I like about Halloween is the party that we have at our house! All our friends get invited, and I always win the "Bobbing for Neggs contest," she said beaming with pride.

"You only win because your MOUTH is so BIG!"

"My mouth is NOT big! And stop interrupting me or I'm going to tell on all of you!" Kazinji said stomping her foot. "Another thing I like about Halloween is getting to go in the big Haunted House that our neighbor always makes! It doesn't scare me at all, I think it's fun!"

"When we went in the Haunted House last year you kept your eyes closed the whole time!"

"That's not true! I was just BLINKING very slowly that night!" yelled out Kazinji.


"AAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!" Kazinji shrieked at the top of her lungs as she ran off-stage.

"Ha ha! Just kidding Kazinji" her siblings yelled out.

Kazinji stomped her way back onstage, "That's it! I quit this spotlight! You guys are being SO mean to me! You guys have already won the spotlight, why can't you just let ME have a turn?"

"Awww... we're sorry Kazinji, really, here, you can have this lollipop I found in a random event today."

"Really? Thanks guys, you know I just wanted to be in the spotlight just one time, is that too much to as... "Suddenly a giant candy coated eyeball on a stick was flung from offstage and hit Kazinji's forehead with a slimy splat.

"EYE CANDY!?! EWWWWWW GROSS!!!!" Screamed Kazinji and she picked up her skirts and bolted off of the stage, leaving her sisters and brothers rolling with laughter backstage.

"Well she's run off so I guess it's up to us to say it... all together now... 1...2...3...


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