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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Lunar_and_Solar
Owner: plop156
Breed: Korbat

About Lunar_and_Solar:

One day a little Korbat named Luna was flying about in the darkness of night. It was past midnight, and she was getting tired of flying all the time. So she flew down and the ground and lay there looking up at the sky.

"I've never noticed before how pretty those lights in the sky are..," She said to herself. "Especially the big one with a bite taken out of it...."She added.

Well the next night she overheard two Blumaroo talking aobut something of interest.

The blue Blumaroo said to the other, "...Ya know that there's a way to capture the stars right? All you have to do is plead with the Moon King..."

"Well......" Our little Korbat thought. "I think I will attempt to talk to the moon king....."She said.

When she thought about it, where exactly was the Moon King? She spent the next bundle of nights searching for clues. One night she had wandered into Faerie Land, and came across a Uni.

"Can you help me?" Luna said to the Uni. "Maybe...What with..." the Uni replied. "Where and how do I find the Moon King?" Luna asked. "Oh....I know a little about that...."The Uni said starring directly at Luna. "First of all you need a Dream Orb, Moon Staff, and a Moon Comb.....Each of those items has a little bit of magic in them that should lead you to the Moon King." The Uni explained.

Right away our little korbat set off looking for the three items. The Dream Orb and Moon Comb she found easily, but she couldn't find a Moon Staff. "Where is that blasted staff?" She yelled looking at the moon.

Then all of a sudden she saw some faint yellow sparkles in the air. As more formed the gathered together and took the shape of the staff. "Woah...." Luna said looking at the staff. " that I have....."

As she tried to say the next word a brilliant flash blinded her. When she could see again she saw that she was in the clouds. She was much, much, MUCH higher than Faerie Land. In front of her in a purple throne with a yellow moon on the back rest was a Blue Kookith with a golden crown atop his head.

"Hello, Luna. Before you ask, I am the Moon King." The little Kookith greeted Luna. "I already know what you want. If you complete my quest I will grant your wish" he added.

"Ok......but whats the quest" Luna asked. "You must bring me a Barbat, but just not any Barbat. The one I am searching for is named Magik. If you bring him to me he will belong to you and I will grant your wish to capture the stars.....You have three days. Now I will send you back " He said waving his Wand of the Moon.

When Luna awoke she set off to Faerie Land again since most Barbats live there. She looked in the Faerie Petpet Shop. All the Barbats had names like Fred or Jim. No Magik.

She spent the second day in the Haunted Forest looking in the caves and asking the other Korbats. One said "I know Magik...He lives in Meridell near Illusen."

On the third day she asked Illusen about Magik only to be told that he was gone at the moment. It was Ten o'clock. Luna only had two hours untill midnight to find the Barbat. She waited and waited. Soon it was Eleven Thirty and still no Magik.

Finally at five minutes before midnight Magik came home and Luna asked him to join her. Right when he said "Yes...," there was another bright flash and the two found they were in front of the Moon King.

"You have completed my quest, Luna. So I will keep my end of the bargain." He said picking up his Wand of the Moon. He said something that seemed to be in another language and pointed the wand at Luna. Little yellow moon beams and moon dust surrounded Luna and blinded her. It lit up the sky like noon. When the light faded away she saw that she was blue and had yellow stars on her.

"Now go back to Neopia and take Magik with you. He is yours now." The Moon King said waving his magnificent wand once more and sending Luna back to Neopia.

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