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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Kippycook
Owner: myselflovesme
Breed: Kau

About Kippycook:

Hi. I am a Kau. I've got something to tell you. No I can't just tell it to you out right, it's a secret! Come closer. No, closer. *Lowers her voice and pauses dramatically*.... I'm a.... super hero! SHHH! Quiet, don't tell anybody! Oh, you want to know why? And what I do? Oh all right, I'll tell you, but you should come into my house so no one can hear us. *gestures towards a small cottage* Come on in...

It all happened back when I was just a tiny little calf. I met my owner, myselflovesme. I can't tell you her real name, or the baddies might find out and come after her. We loved each other very much and soon became the best of friends. We did everything together, and we both loved exploring.

We explored a lot, and one day, while we were exploring a jungle, we came across a small dark cave. Grinning in anticipation, we entered without hesitating. However, we were disappointed as the cave just lead to a dead end. Sighing, we started back out, but not before myselflovesme spotted a small creature sleeping at a dark corner. At least we thought he was sleeping. Being young, curious and nave, we approached the strange creature without taking any caution. It looked really strange, like just a small pile of green fur. Shivering with excitement, both of us reached out to touch it at the same time. And then, before we had time to do anything, it moved! It jerked up and bit both of us, then it scuttled of quick as lightning.

"Ouch!" both of us yelled in unison. Phew, I thought and examined the red teeth marks on my hand. The creature's teeth hadn't been all that sharp, but still, it hurt.

Now we all know that to become a super hero, one has to be lucky enough to be bitten by some strange animal. Look at Spiderman for instance, he was bitten by a spider and the next day he woke up with huge rippling muscles. And everyone knows batman was bitten by a bat.... wait, that's not quite right is it? *Grins sheepishly* Anyway, after being bitten by that strange animal, both of us went back home to put some medication - just in case of infection...you know. Well, after washing up both of us felt strangely tired and woozy. Stumbling sleepily to our beds we fell asleep immediately and did not wake up till the next morning.

When I woke up, myselflovesme was examining herself in the mirror. "What are you doing?" I asked her.

"Look at me!" she turned three cartwheels, landed on the bed, somersaulted into the air, spun five times in the air and landed lightly on the carpet. A thing she had never been able to do before in case you don't find this strange.

"Wow!" I exclaimed and leapt of my bed. To my surprise, I jumped higher than I wanted to and hit my head on the ceiling. Falling to the floor I sat up and rubbed my head. "Ouch."

"Oh you have it too!" myselflovesme cried excitedly. "Don't worry you'll get a hang of it!" In half and hour we were all happily jumping and doing all sorts of cartwheels and somersaults.

After the novelty had worn of, we sat down and discussed our new super powers. And guess what? WE DECIDED TO BECOME SUPER HEROS!!!

And so that's how it all happened. We went from place to place saving all the neopets in need of saving. I called myself Superkau. Myselflovesme called herself Kaugirl. Superkau and Kaugirl, your very own neopian super heroes at your service.

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