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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Angel_72_21
Owner: Jenjen26785
Breed: Eyrie

About Angel_72_21 :

Something has happened!

You're just walking around, minding your own business when an Electric Eyriess with large blue paws, and arrow-shaped stripe on her forehead and silver wingtips bustles past you hurriedly, and turns a corner into a large wooden building. Curiously, you follow.

The Eyriess dashes to the front of a stage before a wide variety of Neopets, stretches her wings, and clears her throat importantly:

"Okay, this meeting of the Neopian Special Protection Agency has come to order. Are there any questions before I begin?"

"Er ... who are you?" squeaks a voice from the crowd, as you sit down sheepishly and try to blend into the crowd.

The Eyriess ruffles her feathers. "Oh. How silly of me. My name is Angel-72-21, aka Agent 7221, but you may all call me Angel. I am one of two top spies at our humble establishment, the NSPA.

"I have called you all together to rally you in preparation for the upcoming war in Meridell! Now, I'm sure you all must have heard of it, and the exact details are being kept VERY hush hush at the moment. Even our researchers don't have much of a clue what's going on!?! And we're spies, for crying out loud!"

She blots her forehead with the brush of her tail, and continues.

"And so, it is my greatest honour, that I should encourage you all to fight! Big or small, short or tall, you can all make a difference, as you all did during the war in Tyrannia so long ago. What a victory! Enemies of the whole of Neopia were vanquished - and it could not have been done without the help of all of you! So do us proud again this year!!"

Her voice is drowned out by the shouts and hoots of the crowd, who all rise to applaud. But as you do so, a tall, surly-looking Buzz taps you on the shoulder. "Proof of membership, please," he growls in your face.


"Proof of membership." He indicates towards the sea of people all ... waving small golden badges in the air.

"Oh ... er ... I don't have any."

The corner of his lip curls, and he says, "Come with me please."

He leads you towards a black door beside the stage. Entering the room, the light is dim and there is a slightly misty atmosphere around that makes Goosebumps appear on your arm. The Buzz leaves you standing alone in the room.

There is a rustle behind you, and - spinning round on your heel - you come face-to-face with the Eyriess from the stage. Her expression - normally quite warm and friendly - is stony and emotionless. She speaks slowly and mournfully.

"Our doorman says you're not a member of the NSPA. If you're not a member, why are you here?"

You shuffle your feet awkwardly. "Um. You brushed past me in the street, and I thought it was some kind of sign to follow you."

She chuckles under her breath. "Hmm ... well, I must say, you are lucky. If you had barged into an NSPA meeting hosted by any of the other spies, your punishment would have been quite severe.

"To clarify, my name is Angel, and I am a Top Spy in one of Neopia's most confidential societies, the Neopian Special Protection Agency. We recruit members to come on missions, and generally rid the world of as much evil before anyone even find out. We have accomplished much, and it is for this reason that I must dismiss you."

This seems a little puzzling, so you question, "But since the NSPA is so secret, why did you just tell me that?"

She grins maliciously. "Simple. Because you're never going to tell anyone."

Without giving you a chance to react, she lifts the locket around her neck, emitting a bright ray of light from the centre, and you remember no more.

Next thing you remember is waking up in a cafe on the street opposite where you last remembered running after the Eyriess. Rubbing your eyes, you check around. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then what just happened? Your mind giddy, you start fumbling about in your pockets and come across ... a badge. A small, golden badge. With the initials NSPA engraved on the front ...

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