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Pet Name: BuffyTheLupeSlayer
Owner: Tracypaper12
Breed: Chia

About BuffyTheLupeSlayer:

Hi there, I'm Buffy the winged chokato and I live with my owner Tracypaper12 in a little neohome in Neopia Central. I have three brothers and sisters, Chandlerbingthechia, Monica_da_lil_angel and lucyluthelovely. I just call them Chandler, Monica and lucy for short. They are all very annoying, so we won't say too much about them. I have a petpet, one of those baby blu's, Lucy is dead jealous. Its called Buffy Jr and it likes to hover around my shouder.

Anyway, how do I say this, my owner is a mutant.

Tracypaper12: We prefer the term genetically modified beings.

Whatever. Well as you may be asking yourself (or neomailing my owner later) How do you become mutant? Only really bad people get turned into mutants. Like my owner...

Tracypaper12: WAS really bad, not anymore!

Yea, sure mom. Anyway, when I was a baby, my owner was cruel and heartless. She enjoyed disowning poor neopets and starving the poor things. One day, when she was picking up a batch of slave collars from the space station, a girl asked why she was being so mean to her poor chia. She grunted and ignored the stranger. Now this chia, had a certain phobia of the space station...

Tracypaper12: It was you!

Sure, now anyway this chia was terrified of the space station. Mean ol' Tracy was kicking her along the floor like a football. The poor chia was starving and bruised and was not feeling too good after a fight against some Kougra. The chia won, of course...

Tracypaper12: I seem to remember the Kougra beat the chia within an inch of its life!

O.K *whispers* Her memory isn't as good as it used to be. Anyway on with the story. The girl got angry and yelled at Tracy.

"If you don't start being nice to your pets, bad things will happen, you can count on it!' she yelled. Tracy yelled some unrepeatable abuse at this girl and stomped her toe. The girl looked furious. She shut her eyes. When she opened them, the were large and glittery blue. She spun round on the spot, and sure enough, she transformed into the space faerie. Tracy looked unimpressed.

"Oh no, it's the Space Faerie! Aaa, scary," Tracy mocked, sticking her tongue out at the steaming faerie.

"I shall teach you a lesson you shall never forget!" she screeched. Her long, delicate fingers struck Tracy on her cheek. She fell to the floor unconscious. Suddenly, from where the faerie's hands had touched her skin, a terrible transformation began to occur. A green gray colour began to creep over her skin. Her teeth elongated, until they were fangs. Her beautiful green eyes became sharp and orange. Her brain began to swell, it too a gray green colour. Finally, tail sprouted through her jeans. She was half mutant kacheek. Ginger hair lay scattered all over the floor.

Tracypaper12: May I add that some of my hair has grown back!

Yea, only over your ears, and a couple of daft tufts coming out of you brain. Anyway the Space faerie turned to me, her hand outstretched, about to touch me.

"No, don't mutate me, I beg!" I burst into tears. She looked at me with her blue eyes, and I froze. I tried to run, but her eyes were holding me down. She gently stroked my hair. Suddenly my hair began to grow and started turned bright green. I touched it. They were leaves. I began to expand like a balloon, my fur turning to a smooth blue skin. Suddenly a brown spot broke out on my left shoulder. Another appeared on my stomach. Eventually I was covered in spots. Finally a pair of chokato coloured wings appeared on my back.

"Now you can fly away, be free from this monster and live a full life" she said gently. I was about to launch myself, when a funny feeling came to me. I turned to the space faerie,

"Even though she's a lousy owner, she's still my owner, and who knows, the spell might do some good. She might even be nice" I smiled at her. She smiled back.

"You're a good kid, Buffy" she smiled. "Take care of Tracy, and maybe someday the faeries may find it in their hearts to turn the beast into the beauty once more" and with that she disappeared. Tracy started to come around

And after that, she finally managed to accept mutantdom and I finally managed to accept these new wings.

Tracypaper12: What do you mean 'accept' every pet dreams of having wings! I wish that faerie had mutated you too!

Hey look it's the space faerie!

Tracypaper12: Aaa, where, NOOOO!!!

Hee, only joking!

Tracypaper12: I swear I will...

Don't swear! Swearing is bad! Anyway don't forget, if you see a mutant and a winged chokato in the chocolate shop (that's where we usually are) don't forget to say hi!

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