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Pet Name: x_Skip_x and xo_Miko_ox
Owner: littletwitch
Breed: Aisha

About x_Skip_x and xo_Miko_ox:

I'm here to tell you a story about two amazing Aishas, Skip, and her imaginary friend Miko. First off, you may be wondering how come you can see Miko. Well, you must have a creative mind, for only people who do, can see her.

Next, you should be wondering how Miko came to be. Well, when Skip was a small baby Aisha, she drew a picture of a blue Aisha with white spots (Opposite of Skip, who is White with blue spots) with her Usuki markers. Skip then taped her masterpiece to the fridge, and stared at it for an hour or two. Then Skip blinked. The picture blinked back. Skip stuck out her tongue, and the picture did the same. Miko suddenly jumped out of the picture and attacked Skip. They were soon happily playing, and were the best of friends.

Now that you know something about them, I'll tell you about their amazing adventure:

We (Yes, there are two people sharing this account) were taking Miko and Skip to Faerie City. We wanted to look at the petpets and play some faerie land games, so we told them "You can look around for a while, but meet us at the poogle races at 4 o' clock." They raced off to who knows where! Actually, we know now where they went, they went to the hidden tower! The Faerie queen didn't notice them walk in, so they helped themselves.

They walked in, and went through aisle #1. And already, they were lost. "Miko! Where are ya?" Skip called to something fluffy and pink. "Skip-o! Ish you here?" Miko called. Their eyes were getting droopy in this fluffy pink stuff. They didn't have any idea that they were walking through faerie fog.

They finally found each other at the end of the aisle, and turned to aisle two. "Eeeek!" Skip screamed as something green shot for her head, and just missed her ear. Miko, paying no attention to Skip's cry of distress, was quietly poking away at the enchanted kiko squeeze toy. "Squeak!" It said. Miko poked it again. "Squeak!" She continued to do this, until Skip dragged her out of aisle #2, escaping the Cardboard Sprout Cannon. Miko poked the squeeze toy one last time, missing her new "friend".

Miko slipped on a small acorn. Then another. Skip tripped on them too. "Faerie acorns!" Skip managed to say, trying to bite into one. Miko didn't notice, for she was busy staring at the enchanted glow around the everlasting apple. Skip tried to bite this. She took a bite and the apple returned to the same shape. Skip bit the apple again and again and again. "It's not working!" She squealed, now trying to cut the apple with a golden butter knife. Skip grabbed Little Timmy's Slingshot off of the shelf and tried to hit the apple. The everlasting apple didn't budge. Skip screamed at it, then dragged Miko away to aisle #3.

Miko squealed as she saw the three cute faerie dolls. She grabbed the queen faerie, the dark faerie, and the snow faerie, and placed them around the Ubikiberry Bag. She also grabbed the Jelly Chia plushie and put him beside the queen faerie. Miko also put the radish bow in the middle, and handed all of the toys golden butter knives. "TEA PARTY!" Miko squealed, sitting down, and pretending to hand tea to everybody. Skip poked at the Jelly Chia plushie. "Is it jelly or plushie?" She asked herself out loud. Only one way to find out, Skip thought to herself, and she started chewing on the plushie. "Mmmm... definatley Jelly" Skip said to Miko, who was now munching away at the Ubikiberrys and the Radish Bow.

"Let's GO now Miko!" Skip called to Miko, who didn't even notice. Skip grabbed the Chia Flour and dumped it all over Miko's head. Miko blinked, surprised, then was reluctantly dragged off to aisle #4.

Skip picked something up off the shelf. It was a rainbow swirly thing, She swung it back and forth, not realizing that Miko was getting hypnotized by it. Skip suddenly dropped the Rainbow swirly thing, for it was viberating madly. Miko's trance was broken, so Miko grabbed the Shrunken skull marbles and started setting them up. "Play with me Skip-o!" Miko called to Skip. Skip sat down and flicked at a marble. The marble hit the Jade Scorchstone and broke it. The aishas didn't notice and played on, until Skip was at her last marble, and knew she would lose. She suddenly noticed the Zaptwig and picked it up. She poked Miko's rear end with it and gave Miko a nasty shock, causing her to throw the marbles in odd directions, breaking things like the Greater orb of the Fire Faerie, and the Portable Kiln. Skip had just found the Rod of Dark nova, and was happily gnawing on it. Miko had to force it out of Skip's mouth and pushed her to aisle #5.

A shivering feeling ran up and down the aishas' spines. "Wow!" Skip exclaimed as she saw the ice dice. She tried to lick it, but it got stuck to her tongue. Miko panicked and grabbed the fire and ice blade. She swiped the fire side between Skip's tongue and the ice dice. "YEOW!" Skip screeched, having her tonuge burnt, but recovered quickly. For what she saw next was amazing.
"A snowball machine!" Miko exclaimed. "SNOWBALL FIGHT!" Skip and Miko grabbed their snowballs and hurled them across the room, breaking items around them. After an hour, the Snowball machine broke down, and everything in sight was broken or mangled in some way.

Miko and Skip walked out of the aisle giggling happily. In front of them was Jhudoras Crystal Ball. The aishas' eyes were wide with curiosity. The smoke inside the crystal ball cleared and inside, showed Skip and Miko's owners waiting at the poogle races. The aishas looked at eachother, and walked out of the hidden tower. Little did they know, Fyora, the faerie queen, was returning to the hidden tower, with a nasty surprise awaiting her.....

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