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Pet Spotlight

Submit your pet to the Pet Spotlight!

- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Atriayu
Owner: dragontamer363
Breed: Techo

About Atriayu:

Dragontamer363- *** sat in a seat in a small room with a camera. She looks around nervously. ***
Hi. I've decided, (Much to his annoyance), that my Neopet Atriayu should be nominated for pet spotlight. I think he deserves it, because he's been through a lot and is the best neopet anyone could have, even thought he doesn't admit it. **Spots Atriayu** I gotta go!
Atraiyu- **Frowns and sits down**
Humph! Mum says I should tell you about myself... umm...Lets start at my childhood...
Long_mei- BORING!!
Atraiyu- Grrr...I had a bad childhood...
FOREVER_STRONG4- Snore......
Atraiyu- full of pain and bullying because I was a mutant...
_Moon_breeze- **Plays a small violin**
Atraiyu- WHAT'S THE POINT!!!!

***Atriayu storms out of the pet spotlight nomination hall and out into Neopia central. dragontamer363 is knocked out of the way as he storms past, and watches as he gathers up his energy and flies away. This is a skill he has learned, and works by balancing then manipulating his spirit energy called 'Ki'.***

Atriayu: *thinking* ~ Idiots. Why do they always mess around? The one time I actually want to do something like this and they mess it up. Maybe I should have shown I was actually excited...nah...I've got a reputation to hold up. ~
*** He lands in a tree and sits with his back against the trunk. It was comfortable. He hardly ever was comfortable. Since a little kid he was never truly in comfort, because of all the spikes around his body. Luckily none were on his back or the backs of his legs, so he savored this moment. ***
Atriayu: ~ Who'd be that interested in me anyway? I'm a mutant Techo, that's it. There must be thousands of others in Neopia. The only unique thing about me is the age at which I was turned into one.
I remember it like it was yesterdayI wish I could forget. Dr. Sloth was around, hiding in the shadows after being defeated long ago. I was young, a baby. It was the day that dragontamer363 had got me. She was out buying some things for me, and had to go into town to open up a shop. She told me to stay in the house and not go out. I was adventurous, stubborn and wasn't going to listen, so when she was gone I slipped into the garden. It was high noon so here were hardly any shadows; but I saw a tree with one. Curiously, I managed to hop over the fence and take a look. I gasped. Two red eyes, as red as my scales then looked at me, and narrowed, followed by a smirk, an evil smirk full of plans. I blinked and frowned, raised my fists, and snorted proudly. His smirk widened and he stepped out, taking the shadow with him. I looked up. His face shot fear through my bones and I lowered my fists, shaking.
"Hello little Techo." He said.
"Hi." I said weakly.
"Are you hungry?" he grinned. I didn't answer. I thought it best to stay silent.
He held out a strange item, a bottle with a blue and red swirly liquid in it.
"Herea gift."
I took it, and turned it this way and that, trying to make out what it was. There was a crunching sound coming from the right. We both jerked out heads in that direction and Dr. Sloth's eyes glinted wickedly, and he left running into the forest. The crunching sound was just a man and his Uni pulling a cart full of vegetables past us.
I looked around, expecting to see Dr. sloth hiding behind a tree or something, but he was gone.
My stomach rumbled and I looked at the potion. I looked at the path, then the potion, then the path. I shrugged and uncorked the bottle. I tipped the bottle and all the disgusting liquids entered my mouth.
"EEEUUUGH!!!" I yelled, but soon that sound turned into a scream. All my insides churned and groaned, and I fainted.
When I woke up mum's concerned face was watching over me. I shifted uncomfortably. Spikes had grown on the back of my arms and head, and all along my tail. I had changed colour too, from red to blue.
From then on all I got was bullied when I went to neo-school and laughed at where ever I went. My ever-growing family showed me a lot of love, but it still hurt me inside. It was like that until I was a teenager. I started training to be a battledome challenger when I was a child, vowing to take revenge out on Dr. Sloth when I had the chance. I also became separated, anti-social, barely ever showing my feelings unless it was anger or hate. Sometimes I even thought I became as evil as he did, but my family helped me through. ~
***Atriayu sighs and looks down. Moon_breeze, Long_mei, FOREVER_STRONG4 and Dragontamer363 are standing sheepishly under the tree. He raises an eyebrow at them and jumps down.***
Atriayu: C'mon, lets hear it.
Everyone: sorry!
Dragontamer363: you don't have to be in the pet spotlight if you don't want to.
Atriayu: What? And not let everyone else's Techos get jealous? Yeah right!

*** He walks off with the others, leaving dragontamer363. She pulls out from behind her back a little video camera and grins. ***
Dragontamer363: Well, I hope that's convinced you to put Atriayu under the spotlight. I know he doesn't look it, but he's a really nice guy, even if he has got a bit of an attitude problem! He'd do anything for his family and I think he deserves his 15 minutes of fame. ^_^

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