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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Alagernil
Owner: Esgalfana
Breed: Mynci

About Alagernil:

Ha! I beat you again! the old Skeith crowed, leaning back in his chair with a long creak. Alagernil stared in disbelief at the Armada board between them and stood up in his chair to lean over it. Dont bother, Allie, I beat ya, and Ill keep on beatin ya till ya run outta points! the Skieth laughed haughtily. I got all day, kid!

Well, I dont, Alagernil stated with a sigh. He jumped down from the chair and pulled his Green Backpack over his shoulders. Ill talk to you later, Sir. With that he walked sulkily up the path toward the docks and a boat that would carry him back to Mystery Island. He stared up at the clouds overhead. Im really going to get it this time... I should have stopped at 100 NP, he muttered, then sighed again and watched the dirt road ahead of him. I can never do anything right.

Alagernil walked slowly along the path, then stopped suddenly and stared ahead of him, wide-eyed. A Krawk Petpet walked out in front of him, stopped in the middle of the road to look at him curiously, then crossed to the other side. Alagernil was overwhelmed with enthusiasm and good fortune, and before he could think twice he ran off the path and into the brush after the rare Petpet.

He lost sight of the Krawk, but still kept pushing his way through the forest, hoping he could catch it and make up for losing so much money to the old Skeith. The sky was beginning to turn dark, and he could hear rushing water ahead of him. Alagernil decided to reach the river before heading back, just in case the Krawk had stopped at the edge. He pushed the last few bushes aside and looked out at the quick-running rapids, then gasped as he saw the Krawk in the center of the river, clinging desperately to a smooth rock. It cried out hoarsely, but only succeeded in filling its mouth with water. Its small arms finally gave out and the Petpet was forced downstream.

Alagernil quickly leapt into the trees and swung through the branches, finally emerging on a log ahead of the tiny Krawk. He wrapped his tail around the log and lowered himself down toward the water, watching the Petpet closely. He would have only one chance to save it. He reached down until his paws touched the raging water and held his breath. The Krawk flowed toward him, and Alagernil clasped his paws around it and quickly pulled it up out of the water and onto the log. He sighed heavily with relief, smiling at the Krawk.

The Petpet stared up at him thankfully and chirruped in a small voice. Alagernil grinned. You wanna come home with me? The Krawk gazed up at him, then looked out at the woods on the other side of the river. A dozen other Petpets walked out hesitantly and beckoned to the little Krawk. Alagernil watched them, then looked to the Krawk and smiled. He took him in his arms and carried him across the fallen log to the other side, where he placed the Petpet on the ground near his friends. The Krawk grinned up at him, then waddled into the forest after the others.

Alagernil waved goodbye, then sighed and crossed the log again, heading back toward the main path. The sky was completely dark, and he could hear the Korbats as they flew through the trees. He swung through the branches and reached the main road, then went on to the docks. Now how am I going to explain why Im so late getting home? he muttered.

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