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Pet Name: Gerbois
Owner: Tinygerbil
Breed: Meerca

About Gerbois:

This story is set one year ago in Tyrannia. As told by Gerbois

"This way to Tyrannia" the sign read. I stabbed my spear into the ground and looked up. All around was golden green grass. Ahead, I saw a stone chomby. I remembered the figure. It was the Tyrannian food shop. I was almost home! The thought of spore blossoms and nerkin legs flooded into my mind. Starvation flowed through me as my mouth watered at the thought of piercing a nerkin leg between my sharp jaws...

As a meerca, not many expect that. They mostly expect us meercas to be weak in battle and always tripping over our tails! Not me though, I'm a wild meerca. This thing they call an *owner* found me one day in a cave and took me home. She named me Gerbois, after her favourite animal, the gerbil. Well anyway, where was I? Ah yes...

I was returning home for Tyrannian Victory day. I had sharpened my spear specially and frazzled my hair up a bit to look dangerous against the mighty grarrls amd chombys. I was going to take my warf with me, but she isn't as wild as me so I left her behind with the *owner*.

As I stumbled down through the concealed rocks in grass, the mighty food shop became closer. The village also came to my eye. I remembered my home there. My friends and I used to play for hours outside the wheel of mediocrity, trying to get Pazo to give us free spins. I only got a free spin once though, but only because I bribed Pazo with a spore blossom!

Anyway. As I bounced along the grass, it tickled my tail greatly. I didn't mind much though, it as a comfort that I was nearly home again. Maybe your wondering why I wasn't home in the first place? Well, this owner found me in a cave like I said. I was on my way to Tyrannia when she found me and just took me away, she didnt think to ask if I lived there. That when I decided to go back. I escaped one night out this neohome thing and was on my way!

As I walked down the rocky path, I suddenly set foot on the mighty grarrl footsteps beneath me. They where giant compared to me. Although I'm a small meerca I'm very tough! I jumped down and looked around. The place looked so different. My home was now a house to some chombys, and I couldn't see the crashed spaceship we used to go to. This crazy proffeser had crashed landed in our home and we where forever fetching parts he needed to return home. It was fun. He must have gotten home then, as only the markings of his space ship remained.

Pazo was still on the wheel of mediocrity, it was so nice to see him even though he just glared at me. I glared back but them hopped off laughing. Ah, home sweet home. I thought to myself as I wandered through grarrl kenyo. I breathed in the Tyrannia smell, delighted to be home. Life couldn't get any better for me, I deceided. But yes, it could! The smell of omelette drifted into my face, the call of MYNCI playing their unforgettable tune. The sound of a thrashing in the battledome not far off. But, wait! No crackling of lava from the volcano! I ran to the spot where it had been, just a dried up whole remained! Developers, oi! I sighed in despair of loosing my warm volcano, which I would sit by in the winter..."

Tinygerbil : "Ok Gerbois I think enough has been said"
Gerbois : "NO!!!"
Tinygerbil : "Come on now Gerbois, your 15 minutes of fame are over!"
Gerbois : "Fine then.."
Tinygerbil : "Well, say goodbye then"
Gerbois : faces you "You are the weakest meerca, Good-bye!"

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