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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Kulaboo
Owner: Zapkula
Breed: Peophin

About Kulaboo:

Kulaboo was like any other Neopet. He enjoyed battling with fellow Neopets, he liked to read and play games, and he loved meeting other Neopets. Kulaboo had a problem though. He was a male, faerie Peophin. Now there's nothing wrong with being a male Peophin or a faerie Peophin, but he was a MALE, FAERIE Peophin. All the other Peophins laughed at him or ignored him when he was around. His only friend from his species was Seastorm11, and she was the rarest Peophin of all.

Kulaboo met Seastorm11 before his master painted him faerie. He was a plain, blue Peophin at the time and very weak. He had been swimming about Maraqua when he saw Seastorm11 stuck in some seaweed. Kulaboo freed her with his Jeweled Peophin Face Mask, and they became immediate friends. Seastorm11 was only a simple green, Peophin herself, but she made matching leis out of the seaweed he had rescued her from so that they could always remember each other.

Now, a year later, Kulaboo's grown strong and bold. His petpet, Nessi the Searex, keeps him company when the other Peophins don't. Yet he received a message from Seastorm11 to meet him at The Golden Dubloon on Krawk Island because she wanted to show him something. Kulaboo didn't know what to do. He was afraid that she'd laugh at his appearance, but he missed her so much he sucked his pride in and went anyway.

Kulaboo came with some Rowzez for Seastorm11, but he was so nervous he forgot to bring the lei. When he got there, he saw a beautiful Island Peophin waiting with the same lei as the one he had and had forgotten to bring. He was trying to work up the nerve to say hello to her, and ask her how she became an Island Peophin, when a silver, male Peophin with an orange Mohawk joined her table. Kulaboo watched in horror as the silver Peophin struck a conversation with her and led her out by the arm, and Kulaboo's heart sunk when he saw Seastorm11 take off the seaweed lei and leave it on the floor.

Kulaboo knew he had to do something, but what? He grabbed the lei and rushed after Seastorm11 screaming for her to wait.

"Wait, Seastorm11! Please wait! It's me, Kulaboo!" he cried.
"Kulaboo? How do I know it's you?" Seastorm11 demanded.
"The lei. I saved you from the seaweed, remember?"
"It is you Then why did you wait so long? Were you afraid to talk to me because of my Island appearance? I tried to stop my master from painting me, but he wouldn't listen."

This took Kulaboo aback. Was Seastorm11 really as embarrassed for being an Island Peophin as Kulaboo was for being a Faerie Peophin? "I think you look great as an Island Peophin. I was afraid you'd laugh at me for being a male, Faerie Peophin; that's all."
"Really?" Seastorm11 asked, looking at him hopefully.
"Yeah," Kulaboo answered, sighing inwardly.
"Well this is a nice little reunion, but I think Seastorm11 deserves more than to hang out with a pansy like you," the now steaming silver Peophin growled.
"He's not a pansy; I bet he can take you on anytime!" Seastorm11 replied.
"Let's take this to the Battledome," Kulaboo challenged.

A few minutes later, Kulaboo was facing the silver Peophin in the Battledome. They agreed on no Hidden Tower items and started off the match. The silver Peophin was strong and had good weapons, but he was no match for Kulaboo with his Jewelled Peophin Face Mask, Grand Lightning Beam, and Sir Cheekalot Ultimate Battle Shield. Kulaboo won the match quickly, and rejoiced with Seastorm11 by eating dinner over the ruins of Maraqua where they first met.

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