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Helping others is fun!!!

Pet Name: Kortata
Owner: Valiantdaisy
Breed: Kau

About Kortata:

When Kortata the Cloud Kau was of age, it was decided that she was to persue a career in the medical field. Kortata had always taken interest in helping the sick and injured. Whether it was bringing chicken noodle soup to her sick friend, or doctoring a cut elbow, Kortata was always willing to help. Since I knew this is what she really loved I decided to set her up with a volunteer job at the neopian hospital. She was very excited at the chance to experience hospital life... even if it wasn't at large...

Needless to say her volunteer job went very well. She spent her every waking moment helping out at the hospital; nursing a Nimmo with pnuemonia back to health here, fixing a fractured flipper there. She still dreamed of more important jobs at the hospital... she really wanted to be a doctor! (or even just a real job as a nurse would do.)

One fateful day when Kortata arrived at the hospital she noticed quite a commotion as many many patients were rushed around. The hospital was packed!! As it goes an epidemic of the extreemly contagious itchy scratchies had spread through the whole of neopia. All doctors, nurses, and volunteers were staged and a frantic need for magic cookies was at hand! Kortata knew the situation as it stood was not a good one. The pharmacy was bound to run out of healthshrooms fast, and the water faerie's healing magic was all run out.

Kortata knew there was not anything she could do but wait and watch her fellow neopians suffer... but that wasn't good enough for her. Kortata and the rest of the uninfected volunteers were ordered then to leave to hospital for fear of them becoming contaminated as well. When she arrived home, Kortata was a very sad kau. She wanted so badly to help but there was almost nothing she could do. I suggested she do something nice for the doctors and patients as the battle against the sneezles raged. That way she could offer some relief to those suffering and hope to those working hard. Kortata thought this was a great idea and set to work making batches and batches of cookies. I rushed to the shop wizard to meet Kortata's demand for supplies and the helpful shop wizard gladly donated enough flour, sugar, butter and whatever else to satisfy our needs.

Soon enough Kortata had made many many cookies and packed as many cookies as we could hold and headed toward the hospital. On our way there a remarkable thing happened! The faerie queen was watching over Kortata and saw how kind she was to make the poor sick neopians all the baked goods, and decided to help. She then blessed Kortata's cookies so they became magical! These magic cookies contained the cure for the sneezles which no neopian nor faerie had ever obtained before. The faerie queen was moved by Kortata's great personality and being, and this soothed her previously raging temperament at the neopians for rejecting so many of her quests.

The cookies spread throughout the hospital, to many of the infected. Surprisingly the cookies made these poor neopets feel better! It was a cure for the sneezles!! A magical cookie!!! Kortata noticed this cure and with the help of her petpet Boe and some of her neopet friends, spread the cookies to all the sneezle victims. The faerie queen addressed her people and told them of Kortata's good deed and promised to continue to bless magical cookies with this cure under one condition... that Kortata was made a real member of the neopian hospital, and so it was, Nurse Kortata.

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