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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

My clan will be remembered...

Pet Name: Zutore
Owner: amerock201
Breed: Eyrie

About Zutore:

Zutore held his head high and shut his eyes, listening to the sounds in the wind. The battledome was loud and the air was stale, he had battled before several times and so he was experienced in what was to come. The Snowager was bigger than him but that didn't affect his confidence one bit; he raised his two Grand Lightning Beams to his side and with a mighty flap of his fiery wings, he lifted himself into the air, the snow from the ice arena was blown away by the gail Zutore had made.

Zutore narrowed his eyes as he looked down on The Snowager who was about to make his move, he could tell. As quickly as a blot from his Grand Lightning Beam, Zutore flew to the right and avoided The Snowager's attack. It was his turn, and he would make the most of it! The power that he carried from his clan brew within him, a fire burned in his heart and he knew he would not loose. He flew to the top of the arena and looked at The Snowager who was now directly beneath him, his fire grew and his eyes burned a fiery red. Then he plummeted.

He sped towards The Snowager and opened his mouth and shot a powerful Lava Spit at him, the blazing inferno circled around The Snowager, with the heat rising and Zutore speeding towards him, he panicked. There was no where he could go and he was caught in the red flare of Zutore's eyes.

Zutore lifted his Grand Lightning Beams and shot two crackling bolts of lightning towards The Snowager. Zutore lifted his wings and caught the wind beneath them, he hovered above The Snowager and nodded at the lava that circled him, right on queue the lava engulfed him and the two lightning strikes headed towards him, striking with immense force sending him flying back across the battledome and colliding with the back wall.

Zutore landed gently on the arena floor, and waited. The Snowager lay in a heap on the floor with his weapons scattered around him. He was not moving but he could just be playing dead. It had happened to him in the past and he had learnt from his mistake. Ten long seconds ticked by and The Snowager had still not moved, with his heart pounding in his chest he stood silently and watched The Snowagers body for any signs of movement.
But there were none.

Zutore had won, and he smiled, The Snowager had been defeated. He launched himself into the air and preformed his lap of honour!

A while had passed since he had left the battledome and Zutore sat up against the Brain Tree and told him about his victory, and the Brain Tree listened, for its thirst for knowledge was nearly rivalled by Zutores' own desire to become the greatest warrior and master the art of battle.

Zutore came from a long line of warrior eyries, they fought against great evil all across Neopia, but his clan became less and less as more pets started to use the Lab Ray. And so his clan drifted into the faint memories of Neopia, memories that turned to stories, stories that turned to legend and legend that turned to myth. His clan believed in true strength that comes from deep down, there are no shortcuts to becoming truly powerful. After a long age, the clan of warrior eyries was forgotten. And only one remained. Zutore.

It was up to Zutore to bring back the memories of his clan; it was up to him to rebuild the army that had once been Neopia's only protector.

Zutore left the Brain Tree and soared high in the neopain sky, flying towards his training grounds where he would be trained by his owner Amerock201, he would learn to fight like a true warrior of his clan, to be there the next time a war brewed and also to be there to stop it.

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