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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

You are the bestest big brother in the whole world!!!

Pet Name: SmokeyJones79, and Chimkii
Owner: Silverdragon617
Breed: Techo, Shoyru

About SmokeyJones79, and Chimkii :

This is a story of SmokeyJones79 and his sister Chimkii, the shoyru. You know, Smokey wasn't always the one we know and love today. When Smokey was adopted, he was a zafara. He got along great with his brother, Dactyl the pteri. One day, Dr. Sloth gave me a meohog transmogrification potion. Well, poor little newbie me used it on Smokey. He transformed (no offense to other moehogs!) into the ugliest mutated moehog I ever layed eyes on. But, I loved him anway. This is where Chimkii came in.

Chimkii was small, just freshly abanded to the adoption centre. One look at her and I fell in love, so I took her home. Chimkii and Dactyl took to each other right away, but Smokey was a different story.

"You're ugly," Chimkii used to tell him. And off he'd go, to sulk in his room. Nothing I did or said could make Chimkii like him. After a week, Dr. Sloth came to me again and gave me a techo transmogrification potion. Sensing it would be an improvement, I used it on Smokey.

"You're still ugly," I heard Chimkii say behind me. Well, Smokey seemed to have a different attitude because he yelled, "So are you, you stunted shrimp of a dragon!" and attacked his baby sister. This continued for weeks. I'd have to take away Chimkiis fuzzles after she'd told Smokey he was ugly, and I'd have to take away Smokeys bike, or, once he started battling, his weapons for beating up Chimkii. I was in such a crisis, I didn't know what to do. They fought over who got the 'big chair' at the supper table, who got to visit Coltzan's Shrine that day, who got to spin the Wheel of Excitement, or who got to pick a number in Tombola. They even fought over who got to play with Dactyl!

About two months later, Dactyl and Smokey were playing with the petpets in Neopia Central, and Chimkii was at the Money Tree donating some neopoints. I walked to the bank to take out some money so I could take them out for food. I walked past the money tree, but Chimkii wasn't there. At the petpet shop, only Dactyl and Smokey were playing with a pair of puppyblews. So where was Chimkii? As I brought the boys outside, I heard a splash, and Chimkii scream.

"She fell into the Rainbow Pool!" I yelled. But Smokey was already there. When I arrived, Smokey was in the water already, and dove under. That was the longest moment of my life. After an eternity, Smokey surfaced with Chimkii in his arms. "Oh Smokey! I can't believe it! You saved her!" I yelled to him. I could see Chimkii looking at me, with tears in her eyes. But something was different.

When I pulled them out of the pool, I was shocked. Chimkii has turned a brilliant silver from the magic of the pool! "Chimkii! You're beautiful!" I cried. I turned to Smokey to congratulate him again, but he had walked away and was sitting at the edge of the river. Chimkii slowly walked towards him. "Smokey......Thanks. What's wrong?" I heard Chimkii say. "It's not fair. You're beautiful now, Chimkii. The magic of the fountain has blessed you. But....." I saw Smokey look at his reflection in the water. "......I'm still ugly." "No." Chimkii said as she shook her head. "You're not ugly, Smokey." She sat down beside him.

"You are the bestest big brother in the whole world! I'm sorry for saying that you're ugly. You're beautiful too......for a guy!" Chimkii giggled. Then she hugged Smokey. I could see the surprise in his face as she whispered, "I love you, my brother." Smokey blushed and hugged her back, and they stayed there until I scooped them up, along with Dactyl riding on my shoulders, to bring Smokey and Chimkii to the hospital for a checkup.

So the moral of my story is that no matter how badly your siblings tease you, deep down they love you and would do anything to protect you. Sometimes it just takes a tragedy to realize that.

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