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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I love playing Tag!!!

Pet Name: Charmerz_boi
Owner: strawberri_gurl
Breed: Blumaroo

About Charmerz_boi:

Charmerz_boi is very special to me. Though he is VERY young, he is getting smarter. Charmerz_boi may be the most special Faerie Blumaroo of all, and also the luckiest, thanks to his 3 Best Faerie Friends. Charmer, as most of his friends like to call him, loves to fly around alot. He just flaps those purple wings of his. Of course, being a boy somehow makes him realize that he always has to come home with his wings dirty...

Charmer's favorite game in this whole wide Neopia is Tag... you must be thinking, heh? Tag?... Well, shame on you! Tag is a very physical game when you are playing with all of your friends and especially when they all have WINGS... Sweeti_gal, Charmer's best friend, usually looks after him like a sister. They are very close to each other. We actually almost lost Charmerz_boi recently!

While flying around like usual in Faerieland, Charmer wandered of too far... into Maraqua! Well, we were playing tag and Donut_gurl was it, she found everyone, except for Charmer. We paniced and searched everywhere in Faerieland until Dawn. Even the Healing Faerie helped us! After hours of non-stop searching, Donut_boy sparked an idea, "What if Charmerz_boi isn't in Faerieland?". Well, then we thought, no way, Charmer couldn't be so thoughtless to... Uh oh...

"What will we do?" asked Donut_gurl. "It's hopeless now..." "Never say it's hopeless!" Said Sweeti_gal standing up with her hands on her hips. "I don't care if you guys are going to sit here and cry, but I'm going to do something." All of a suddden, we heared a sound... a huge rumble in the sea, thunder, lighting, and even a tornado was upon in the ocean. "Everybody, look!" Said the Healing Faerie. "Look, it's Charmer!"

Shocked, everyone looked toward Maraqua, where the Healing Faerie had pointed to. And there was Charmer, trying to beat the waves by flapping his wings, but then the waves took the best of him, they beat him down and filled his lungs with water, over and over again as the waves of the deep blue ocean flew above him. "Are you guys crazy? You're just going to watch him drown?" Said Sweeti_gal furiously, "I can't believe you people!"

Sweeti rushed to Charmer, ducking every wave, left, right, left, right, then Sweeti spotted Charmer. "Help me, please, hurry Sweeti!" yelled Charmer, with a most worried look in his eyes that no one has ever seen in him before. Sweeti, encouraged by Charmer's scream replied "I'm comin'for ya Charm, hold on!!!" Sweeti then ducked the last wave and lifted up Charmer, flying him to a safe dry peice of land named "Mystery Island".

YAY! everyone cheered, and clapped their hands, paws, and... flippers too. "Wow, you sure had guts there Sweeti" said Donut_boy. "What made you go out there?" asked Donut_gurl. "Well," started Sweeti, "I just saw my best friend almost die in front of my eyes, and well, we can't let that happen, can we?" Sweeti said, while rubbing Charmer_boi's head. "Hehe, thanks Sweeti, I really appreciate I..." "What? Charm? What are you staring at?" Asked Sweeti with a worried look in her eyes. "Look...look at M, ma, ma, Maraqua..." said Charm, staring at that little undersea Island.

"Wow, I, it, it's sinking? No way!" "What are we going to do?" Said worried Donut_gurl. "AHHH!!!" Screamed Donut_boy, "AHHHH!!!" "Wow, that is really incredible!, but hey, it dosen't matter to me, not because I'm a Kyrii but because I have my best friend back" Said Sweeti, smiling at Charm. "Thanks Sweeti, I owe you one." "You owe me one? You owe me BIG!, besides, that's what friends are for!"

Of course, this story ends happily ever after, unfortuantly, not for my carpet flooring. "CHARM, GET THOSE WINGS OF MY FLOOR!"

The End

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