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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I am a warrior!!!

Pet Name: shenzi5
Owner: terry_6
Breed: Shoyru

About shenzi5:


The shoyru had the wind knocked out of him as he collided with the arena wall. Opening his eyes he picked himself up on shaky legs. A small trickle of blood ran from a cut on his forehead into his right eye. He wiped it away with a stroke from his purple paw. Getting into a fighting stance he lifted his trusty ice scimitar above his head.

You wont take Tyrannia while Im still standing! He cried out in a strong and loud voice. His purple eyes flashed with rage as he looked up at the Grarrl that was five times his height. He charged at the Grarrl and began whirling the ice scimitar above his head. He hollered out his battle cry and struck the Grarrl with the scimitar. He quickly followed with a shoyru inferno, which engulfed the Grarrl in a swirl of red-hot flames. He stood watching as the fire burned, the ice scimitar held loosely at his side. The steam cleared to reveal the Grarrl lying unconscious on the ground. A roar went up from the crowd as shenzi5 was pronounced victorious. He smiled and left the arena still clutching his ice scimitar.

Sometime later

A fire shoyru stands facing a mechanoid warrior. He clutches an ice scimitar with two black paws. His black eyes flare red in the middle, burning with a desire for battle. For the thrill and adrenalin rush that comes with the challenge of fighting an opponent. Suddenly the mechanoid warrior charges at him. He skillfully leaps into the air and using his shoyru hover flies above the mechanoid. He then fires a grand lightning beam towards it. The metal acts as a conductor and the powerful bolt of lightning jolts the mechanoid. The shoyru lands a few feet away from the now blackened robot. Griping his ice scimitar in one paw he watches and waits. A low humming sound comes from the charred robot, followed by a few beeps and loud clanking sounds. The shoyru prepares himself for the worst. The mechanoid whirs into action and charges at him again. He tries the move he used before and leaps into the air. The mechanoid shoots a robotic arm up and catches the shoyru by his flame painted leg. He is jolted by the sudden grasp upon his leg but doesnt have time to react before the robot slams him into the ground. After spitting out a mouthful of dirt he spins around to face the mechanoid. The robots emotionless face watches the shoyru. Then he makes his move, charges at the mechanoid with his ice scimitar held over his head.

You have made the people of Sakhmet suffer. Now DIE! He screams out his war cry and strikes the mechanoid with his scimitar. The robot freezes over. The shoyru then strikes at it again. This time when the blade of the scimitar connects with the frozen mechanoid the robot shatters. The battle was over. Shenzi5 is pronounced victorious. He smiles and leaves the battle arena, still clutching his ice scimitar.

Alone upon a rock, a top a cliff, shenzi5 sits. His ice scimitar sits in his lap.

Well Sloth, twice weve battled and twice you've lost. I hope you've learnt that you cannot win. So until we meet again in battle Sloth, I shall train everyday. I will get stronger as your army grows. I will not let you surpass me. One day I hope to fight you. Not your henchmen.

From the cliff he leaps, spreading his wings he soars off over the desert plains he helped defend. He is joined in flight by Horus his pet and loyal friend. The two speed off towards the forest shenzi5 and his family call home. Till next his thirst for battle needs to be quenched, there is where he will reside.

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