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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Is not family wonderful!!!

Pet Name: Kaoru61, Miyuki77, Meddles, and Riley_Wolfen
Owner: AnimeKat88
Breed: Shoyru, Aisha, Lupe

About Kaoru61, Miyuki77, Meddles, and Riley_Wolfen:

Hi! I'm AnimeKat88, and I'm here to tell you all about my wonderful pets. They are Kaoru61 the Fire Shoyru, Miyuki77 the Faerie Aisha, Meddles the Desert Aisha, and Riley_Wolfen the Fire Lupe. Kaoru is my youngest pet, and Meddles my oldest. ^_^

Miyuki77 the Faerie Aisha is my very first Neopet. I created her, and back then she was a blue Aisha. Miyuki (named after me) is very responsible, smart, and she is a little picky and sassy. Her name means "Beautiful Happiness." Miyuki77 dreams of becoming a famous singer, actress, or model. She has dreamed about that since the day she was born! She works hard to achieve her dream, by making her Web page really nice, and by entering other contests, but so far, she is still not that well known. Miyuki's very determined, and it doesn't look like she'll be giving up on her life-long dream anytime soon.

Kaoru61 is my second pet. I created him about an hour after Miyuki77 (though they both claim they're not twins...). Kaoru is (and I quote Miyuki77) a bundle of energy with wings. He is always hyper, always wanting to do everything at once. He loves the Battledome, and Video Games. They may be the only things he really takes seriously. Kaoru, like Miyuki77, has dreams of his own. He wants to become the strongest pet in Neopia, without using the Lab Ray. He still has a long way to go, but he, also like Miyuki77, is determined. Oh, and back to the video games, the only person who'll play against him is Riley_Wolfen, and for some "strange reason" Kaoru61 has never won. We know Riley tries to do bad, but so far, its never worked. In fighting games or racing, Kaoru always loses...

Riley_Wolfen is my third pet, whom I adopted from the pound as a mutant techo. (I thank my brother for telling me, "Ooh! That looks cool! Get it! Get it!") Since the day I adopted Riley, I changed him into a Blue Lupe with a morphing potion I bought from Kauvara, and then I raised enough NP to buy him his paint brush! Riley is the most good-natured out of all my pets. He is the ringleader, despite that Meddles is the oldest. Riley enjoys writing and reading, and is more of a dreamer than a fighter. Riley loves to write stories, so watch the Neopian Times! His dream is to get a story published there!

Meddles is the fourth and last pet I ever got, and like Riley, she was adopted from the pound. When I adopted her, she was a split Aisha, and she had amnesia. She couldn't remember a thing about her past, but she nor anyone else in the family seemed to care. Then, as the Lost Desert was discovered, she was drawn to it, and then one day she came home from one of her many trips to the Lost Desert, and she was painted Lost Desert! She had also regained her memory, and told us that she had been a princess of a kingdom covered by sand, and that she was so far, the only known survivor. So Meddles became the only pet that wasn't painted on my hard earned NeoPoints. (I never used the Rainbow Fountain, though when it opened I did smack myself on the head. ^^) Meddles is responsible like Miyuki, and is a great pet just like the rest of my pets!

My pets are the greatest, and I wouldn't trade them for the world! I think that every NeoOwner thinks they're pets are the best, and that's how we all should be thinking! Bye, I have to go stop Miyuki77 and Kaoru61 from fighting over the broken Scooter... bye bye!


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