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We love each other!!

Pet Name: LeviathansTears, MaximTrie, RamuhsBreath
Owner: novadragyn
Breed: Zafara, Techo, Shoyru

About LeviathansTears, MaximTrie, RamuhsBreath:

Fate seems to draw the strangest mix of people together, and these three are no exception. The sounds of their experiments and mishaps travel for miles around, so its best that they live far out into the Lost Desert. Even so, they still seem to get into loads of mischief everyday! There are all sorts of stories I can tell, but maybe I should give you a little of their history, first:

RamuhsBreath has always been rambuncious and proactive, but not all his experiences with other neopets have been pleasant. For most of his childhood he was largely regarded as a "freak," because he could go no place without the weather rapidly whipping itself into a frenzy. All the pool parties he attended were canceled because of thunder and lightning, picnics were rained out, and the other neopet children had a lousy time playing balls outside in the mud and cold. Ram, too inexperienced to have any control over this, was forced to stay inside and watch the world from out of his tiny window. His caretaker, a wise old eyrie named Arus, could not stand to see the young shoyru suffer any longer. "RamuhsBreath," he said finally, "You must leave this place to seek out where you belong. Your path might be ten miles, or it might be ten thousand miles, but it is out there. Go now and find it, and do not look back. The only thing that may bring me peace is knowing you are happy."

Arus, after many hours, finally convinced RamuhsBreath to undertake the journey. The shoyru left the following morning. He traveled over desert and mountain, land and sea, until he discovered a lovely beach that rested against a pure blue sea. A zafara, apparently searching for shells, was swimming farther out. Ram watched him go under. Many minutes passed and the neopian had not surfaced. Even thought the shoyru was weary from many days of flying and had never entered any amount of water more than a bathtub, he resolved to dive after the zafara. Ram pulled his wings back and flew like a bullet towards the water. Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of the boy climbing onto the boulders that reached out into the ocean. The shoyru gasped into surprise and spread his wings wide in an attempt to brake, but he had lost too much altitude. He landed with a SMACK in the salty water. It was then he realized that swimming was not as easy as he had thought it would be. Luckily, the zafara caught sight of the floundering shoyru and dived back in. He dragged Ramuhsbreath back to shore and revived the unsuccesful swimmer.

Ram gagged on the taste of water in his mouth and throat, but seemed to be all right, otherwise. The young zafara smiled wryly and patted Ram on the shoulder with one large, webbed forepaw.

"There are easier ways to learn to swim, you know."

Thus began one of the closet frienships in history. The two hit it off immediatly, and soon neither of them could remember a time without the other. LeviathansTears established that they were both probably elementals (Ram was lightning, and Lev was water). They set off on many adventures to discover more about their nature-Ramuhsbreath was always in the lead, bravely (and sometimes wrecklessly) forging a path through the blanket of mystery and intriuge, while LeviathansTears stayed in the backround to act as the voice of reason (and also doubled as an almost endless pool of knowledge). Their most recent adventure took them on a quest for the Secret Lab of Dr. Sloth. The few tattered bits of the map they managed to collect didn't lead them to its location, but to something much stranger. Lurking near the labs was a colossal creature covered in triangular scales and armour plating that failed to conceal the muscle rippling beneath. He was almost impossible to understand with his hissing and trilling, but it was finally established that his name was MaximTrie and he liked to eat.

Apparently he had come from the lab. Neither Ram, nor LeviathansTears could get anymore out of him. They were at loss, but they finally decided to take him home to their house in the Lost Desert. They all got along quite well, even though Maxim's diet was not confined to what most neopets considered edible. Ram and Lev suffered the loss of one stone sofa and a few other pieces of furniture, but what was that to the friendship the three had forged?

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