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I love reading!!!

Pet Name: zette_cantari
Owner: d4vna
Breed: Jubjub

About zette_cantari:

I was sitting in my small cubicle, in the pet pound, pondering when the small bell rang. It was visitor time. I was feeling very sad, for I had no visitors for today, or ever. My previous companion had stopped visiting shortly after he had left me at the pound because he'd found a new companion with whom he now spent all his time. I was officially rejected from that point on. It saddened me even more to know the pet he continously spoilt, was an obnoxious pet with a higher opinion of herself.

I sat there watching ex-companions and newcomers walk in and rush to certain cubicles. The squeals of happiness that came from the poor rejected Neopets. The delighted purring of the Aishas, the energetic bouncing of the Blumaroos, the happy chirps of the Pteris. Very few of the pets were unhappy like me. I was one of the more unsightly-looking pets. Most of the visitors would come in, take one short glance at me then move on, to look at the small, shy, red Kougra in the next cage.

Then, there she was. She stood in the doorway looking slightly timid. Then cast her eye over the dim corridors and small cages. She walked over to my cubicle like the rest of the visitors had done, but instead of walking away with a grimace, she smiled at me and whispered, "Perfect". I unrolled from my huddled position and took a closer look at my future owner. She was very ordinary looking. So was I. We were perfect together.

I stopped shivering. She had a warm glow about her smile; that brightened the dark, gloomy, smelly corridors of the pound. I was the only one who seemed to notice it. Maybe the excitement was doing something to my head. I did my famous little trademark eyebrow raise, and she began to giggle. Then, all of a sudden, the Evil Techo appeared with a slight frown. I squeezed myself back into a ball, as the room had darkened once again. I thought now I was in for it. He'll scold me for the third time today. But before the Evil Techo could say anything, the ordinary girl piped up, asking about the price to adopt me.

Surprisingly, I was worth 80 Neopoints. Her shoulders seemed to droop a little. The Evil Techo noticed this and then offered a discount, cause he'd had me for too long and was beginning to tire of reprimanding me. He offered 70 Neopoints. The girl shook her head, and told the Evil Techo that she didn't have that much money. The Evil Techo offered 65 Neopoints and informed the girl that 65 was the lowest he could go, even for me. It was a deal. The girl paid the 65 Neopoints and I was legally adopted and officially had a new dear companion.

She carried me out of the pound and set me down on the pavement. Then she introduced herself. She was known as d4vna. She had been around for about 2 months already and had created her own pet, but sadly she tired of him, like many other Neopians have of their pets. She abandoned him at the pound, hoping the Evil Techo would treat him proper, occasionally checking on him to see if he'd been adopted yet.

She took great care of me, visiting me whenever she had a few spare hours. We played games often, and she educated me through reading books and Poogle Solitaire. My favourite pastime was playing Kacheek Seek. I was always really good at hiding! Then we'd take a short walk to the Soup Kitchen for a quick feed. Afterwards, we'd go back to playing, trying to earn enough to support both of us, d4vna for her shop, and me for buying more toys and books. Fortunately he Neopets Staff created more games like Meerca Chase which made d4vna's life a whole lot easier. I got more books, she got a larger shop. We decided to stick to Meerca Chase.

New worlds were uncovered, and explored. We visited every shop, explored every cave, and even ventured in to the really creepy ones, like the dreaded Snowager, and the Pterodactyl one at Tyrannia. Then Brucey B (who just recently became a close friend of mine), discovered the Lost Desert! (I helped him a little bit, I might add!) and there the Calculator was found, and written into the history of Neopia, which helped d4vna quite a lot with her appalling Maths skills, to do her homework, which left us with so much more time to earn more and more money.

The rainbow fountain was discovered soon afterwards, and d4vna took time out of playing games to sign up with certain sponsors just so that I could look special! Isn't that totally sweet? We put our heads together and finally decided that we'd paint me Faerie-style as I might just need the wings. How very practical. D4vna had thought of everything. Without her, I'd have chosen to go for the Halloween look, therefore, I probably would have been eaten by now, by a skeith who mistook me for a pumpkin! Now I have a very pretty set of blue wings that looked so good on me that d4vna thought she ought to paint a picture of me.

Now how about that? I think it shows every bit of my grand personality!

Anyway, since the first time I've been with her, I've changed ever so much. I've "evolved from a gloomy state of mind to the happiest one Jubjub could ever be! Before she adopted me, I was small, shrunken, underweight, and very downcast, and now I'm super energetic, super brainy (even though I say it myself), and super happy! Thanks to d4vna, and my good luck, of course!

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