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Pet Name: Amira_Jr, Mystic_Faerietale, _G_y_p_s_y_, and Kaizer_chan
Owner: Amira_Katoshi
Breed: Aisha, Kyrii, Gelert, and Pteri

About Amira_Jr, Mystic_Faerietale, _G_y_p_s_y_, and Kaizer_chan:

Amira_Jr: A split aisha. A fair while ago, my neohouse burned down in a fire, and I lost four wonderful pets. I was so sad I could barely stand it. I missed them so much. I moved into a new neohome, but I didn't get any more pets. Somehow I knew inside me that no pet could ever replace the ones I had lost. One day, however, I found a strange box on my doorstep. Something seemed to be moving inside! I picked it up and opened it. Inside was a split aisha! I couldn't beleive it! Where had it come from? Had it's owner abandoned it? It looked up at me and said, " name is Amira_Jr. Wi..Will you be my new owner?" I could not turn her down. She was and still is the most sweet and gentle pet I've ever owned.She doesn't like fighting and tries to steer clear of the battledome at every chance.

Mystic_Faerietale: What can I say about Mystic? Well... When I first saw her, she was in the pound. She was an electric kau. As soon as I saw her I knew I couldn't leave her there. She was warm hearted, although a little self-centered. Then one day, I think she got jealous of the other pets. I admit I wasn't spending nearly as much time with her as I used to, and it seemed to her that the others were getting all the attention. So one day, she walked up to me, and said "I don't want to be a kau anymore! I don't care how you do it but please! Turn me into something else!" I of course was a bit startled by this sudden descision, but I agreed. I took her to the rainbow fountain, and used my three fountain passes on her. She had decided she wanted to be a kyrii. I handed her the three fountain passes and watched her go to the fountain. When she returned, I was amazed! She had become not just a kyrii, but a faerie kyrii! She's really cute now. The only downside is that her selfcenteredness seems to have increased tenfold. Also, her new favourite hobby seems to be tormenting Kaizer_chan. Heh..

_G_y_p_s_y_: Gyp is a Spotted Gelert. I saw her in the pound once, and decided to adopt her. Her all time favourite passtime is battling in the battledome. She dreams of some day being one of the strongest pets in neopia. That day is quite a ways off though. She is kind and loyal, and beleives that fighting is fun in the battledome, but that should be the only place where it happens. She often is the one to break up the fights between Mystic_Faerietale and Kaizer_chan.

Kaizer_chan: Oh yes, Kaizer_chan.The Fire Pteri. By far the youngest of my pets, other pets have a tendancy to pick on him._G_y_p_s_y_ seems to have decided to take on the role of his protecter, which I think is a nice thing to do, although kaizer_chan thinks he's being treated like a baby. He used to be blue, but I managed to scrape together the np to buy him a fire paintbrush. It was his lifelong dream to be fire colored and it was just realized. I've never seen him so happy! Mystic_Faerietale enjoys tormenting him, so they get into fights often. What a handful!

I decided that I would ask each of my pets to express themselves by writing a poem about the thing they like best. Here are the results:

A poem about Mystic_Faerietale
by Kaizer_chan

Mystic there's something that I want to know
And you're the only who can tell me, so
I want to know: How can you be so so snotty?
You act like you're nice but you're really quite naughty.
When master she tells you to go wash your hand,
then you just start to giggle and play in the sand.
I know that you cheat at a few dozen games
when my owner's back is turned you call me mean names
All I want to know is: Why are you so snotty?
You act like an angel but really you're naughty.

My Favourite Thing
by: Mystic_Faerietale

One day my owner walked right up to me and asked me to write her some nice poetry
about the thing I liked more than anything,
more than ice cream or milkshakes or chocolate pudding!
I thought and I thought but I couldn't decide.
I felt like a failure. I sat and I sighed.
And then it hit me like a big bolt of thunder!
I've got it! I've got it! There's no need to wonder!
I couldn't belive it was so easy to see,
My most favourite thing in the whole world!
So here is a poem that I'm sure would all like to see,
A poem about the perfect creature called me.
I pity all the little pets out there
that are not blessed with my beautiful hair
my eyes are so pretty, my fur is so pink,
which is the most lovely of colors I think.
So I'm genuinely sorry to the poor pets I see,
who's lives are just aweful because they're not me :)

by: _G_y_p_s_y_

When I enter the battledome,
I feel like it's my second home.
I walk up to the center stage,
for soon a battle I will wage!
And then I see him, from the right,
my opponant enters the spotlight.
I bare my teeth and he bares his.
This lupe is going down! He is!
And all at once, the fight begins,
I have to be the one who wins!
He pounces, but I jump away.
You think I'll lose? No, not today!
I fix him in a fiery stare,
But he attacks! Hey! That's not fair!
No way..It can't already be done..
Alas it is..the opponant won.
But I'm not phased by this disaster.
This battledome, I'm sure, I'll master.

by: Amira_Jr

Petpets! Petpets! Big and small!
Scaly like a Cobrall,
Angelpusses, furry and round
that make a funny purring sound,
Warfs! they're cute and fuzzy too!
And can't forget the puppyblew!
Petpets! Petpets! Big and small!
They're so cute! I love them all!

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