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I love poetry and nature!!!

Pet Name: Ichibutsu
Owner: smartyabbo
Breed: Shoyru

About Ichibutsu:

Ichibutsu the Shoyru's adventures started not too long ago, only about two-and-a-half months ago. He first entered the great world of Neopia one night, after his current owner, smartyabbo, was told to come and visit Neopia. Along with all the other ownerless Neopets waiting to be adopted, he sat in wait watching the many newcomers scan over their possible pets. After what seemed like hours, a boy came over to him and looked him over with a questioning eye. With a little smirk the boy's look softened, and he asked the clerk if he could have Ichibutsu. From that point on that boy, "smartyabbo," and the Shoyru named Ichibutsu have been good friends.

Ichibutsu's first adventure started soon after he moved into his first NeoHome. One night when he was sitting down to watch TV his favorite show was interrupted by a "breaking news bulletin." It mentioned an earthquake wreaking havoc in the Ice Caves. As he wanted to become a well-known Neopet, he figured if he explored the great crevice caused by the earthquake he would become famous. So, he set off to the Ice Caves with his new Silver Chest Plate Armor, Fire Sword, and Platinum Tech Bow. When Ichibutsu arrived in the caves he noticed that no one was around. He figured that in his armor, carrying all of his weapons he had scared the Cave Dwellers into their homes, and that they would surely emerge to watch him explore the crevice. Thinking many would watch his feats, Ichibutsu lowered himself slowly into the crevice. When he was about fifty feet down a huge roar came from the crevice, shaking everything, apparently including his rope's anchor, as the next thing Ichibutsu knew, he was falling quickly down the crevice. Although he was falling quickly, he could feel that he was getting warmer as he neared the bottom of the great fracture in the planet's crust. All went black.

When Ichibutsu awoke he felt groggy, yet couldn't deny seeing a light raise above him and fly away as he awoke. Confused he rubbed his head feeling for injuries, as the sight before him couldn't be real. But sure enough, his senses were not deceiving him, he was in what seemed, at least, like a jungle with many sounds coming from a point in the distance. He slowly got to his feet. Approaching the sounds he saw a mass of creatures looking like dinosaurs moving in the same direction as he. He approached them stealthily from behind as he did not know whether the creatures were friend or foe.

Ichibutsu stumbled and kicked a rock, which flew to the center of the horde. He froze as they did. One giant green creature approached his area. Ichibutsu held his breath. The creature went past. He noticed the creature had a weapon, what looked like a primitive bazooka. Figuring it was hostile Ichibutsu attacked it from behind. The creature barely flinched when Ichibutsu hit it over the head with the hilt of his Fire Sword. Ichibutsu froze with fear and backed away as the creature slowly turned to look at him. The creature stared at him coldly and let out a great roar. The other animals turned to his direction and started to charge. Ichibutsu immediately began to run in the direction from which he had come. Running the many huge beasts chased launching projectiles and such in an attempt to stop him. He quickly pulled out his Bow, notched three arrows, and let them fly. Several beasts slowed down as they were wounded, but they didn't stop they only got more angry. As he was about to fire his next volley of arrows a large ball of mud smashed into his bow and shattered it. Surprised, he paused for a moment then began to run faster than before. What he came upon next made him stop.

Ichibutsu had come to a cliff. He was cornered. He turned and unsheathed his Fire Sword getting ready for the fight of his life. The beasts were but a few hundred feet away when a bright light appeared and engulfed him. The light seemed strangely familiar to Ichibutsu, when he realized it was the light he had seen when he awoke from his fall. As the light slowly faded he saw he was in a place, like a temple, somewhere far away from the cliff. In front of him appeared all the Uber Faeries of Neopia. The Uber Light Faerie approached him and spoke.

"Hello Ichibutsu, you have come far and tried hard only to face certain failure. That is why I have appeared again to you. This time, to grant you a power, the power of the Grand Lightning Beam. To call on its power is to call on all of our power. Few things can stand its power. To harness its power you must focus all into your hands and it will come. Now go..."

The Uber Light Faerie stepped back and a light engulfed Ichibutsu as it had before.

Ichibutsu was back at the cliff. The creatures closing in on him, he stepped back as far as he could. He felt the edge of the cliff with his foot. Only about ten feet away from him the horde of beasts stopped. Emerging from the rear of the pack came a gigantic beast, resembling a tyrannosaurus rex. It slowly approached.

Quietly, so only Ichibutsu could hear the dinosaur-like creature growled, "You have tried valiantly to escape, but it ends now."

The huge creature seemed to be their leader, as when it motioned his followers slowly came forward, up next to their leader. Just as it was about to send its minions on Ichibutsu, Ichibutsu glared at the monstrous leader. The leader paused in surprise at the small Shoyru's braveness. The leader was even more surprised at what Ichibutsu did next. He closed his eyes and concentrated on something unknown to the pack of evil beasts.

Instantly there was an earth-shattering boom, and a bright flash. Ichibutsu could feel limitless power running through his arm as sparks and small lightning bolts flew from it. The horde of beasts stood astonished at the sight of such energy coming form a creature so small. Ichibutsu gave a fiendish smirk to the leader.

Blinding light filled the scene with a ka-boom. As the light faded Ichibutsu could see the leader of the pack and a few of its minions that were closer by it go flying through the air. The hurled beasts stumbled to their feet and those who had bared witness to the event ran.

As its minions ran past the huge t-rex-like leader growled back at Ichibutsu, "You shall see us yet again, next time in greater force! We will not be so easy to defeat next time... I swear it!"

When Ichibutsu returned to the Ice Caves no one was there. Not a soul had seen or even heard his adventures except for he, the Faeries, and his enemy. As he left he bumped something near the entrance of the cave. Snow fell off of it and he realized it was a sign which read: "Due to danger of an aftershock, all Ice Cave residents have been temporarily relocated to Neopia Central. We are sorry for the inconvenience." Ichibutsu was sorry too, for surely no one would believe his story...

Since then, Ichibutsu, with the help of his owner and friend, smartyabbo, has been training, studying, and working hard to earn his place in Neopia, as one of the strongest, most intelligent, and wealthiest members of society. Already he is stronger, more intelligent, and more wealthy than many other pets that have been in Neopia longer, so he is well on his way to fulfilling his dream.

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