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Life is GREAT!!!

Pet Name: Ikiono, Jokeera, Josnyk, Zohara_Grace
Owner: tomboy1083
Breed: Wocky, Meerca, Chomby, and Shoyru

About Ikiono, Jokeera, Josnyk, and Zohara_Grace:

Hi there! My name is Hannah, and I thought it was about time the world of Neopia knew about my Fab 4...

Well, First there's Ikiono(Iki for short). He was my first pet. He started out Yellow, I think (I've had him for so long I can't even remember!) I don't know exactly know how I accumulated the striped paintbrush I used to paint him, but somehow I did. I..."Mooooom!!! I wanna tell the story!!! Well, at least my part!!! You're soooo boring!!" "Iki, fine...tell your story, but no swearing or innapropri..." Well, as mom said, my name is Ikiono, the coolest wocky there is! It's tough being the oldest, because my step-sis Zograce is SUCH a crybaby!!! And a troublemaker, too! Once, she put a rainbow negg into my wellington boots...I thought that I was stepping on a squishy mote!!! Gross! Have I told you about Treston yet? He's my gruslen...he's so cool! Jo-K's afraid of him...thankfully! Josk is cool, and Jo-k...well, you'll hear about her next... could she be MORE annoying!? I like to play extreme sports, and hike with my bud APP0LL0. I'm so sick and tired of our neohome...I wanna move to Tyrannia, and get out of boring old Neopia! I'll start my own family with Amiica. Oh, um, did I say that? Well, It's Jo-K's turn...Right now she's biting my tail....*sigh* sisters!

Heehee! Hey! I'm Jokeera, Jo-K for short. I was Hannie's 2nd pet, but I think I'm her favorite!! I was once the prettiest hue of blue you ever saw, and then my mom changed me to white...which is even prettier! And the best part is, it's dirt proof so when I go bungee-jumping, the dirt doesn't show! I love Zograce!!! She's my sister...Hannie adopted her...I was almost going to be the only girl in the family! With those two Neanderthals, also! uggh!!! Well, Josk isn't AS bad as Iki...He takes me on rides to Tyrannia!! He' my fav. sib! Have you ever had a nice nap in a rock chair? Well, it's better than those crummy cushy chairs in our house!!! Iki, well, he puts Treston(the scariest petpet I'VE ever seen) on my bed, so when I wake up, a big, hairy TIGER is in my face!!! He thinks it's funny, I think it's mean!!! Fleeni is sooo much cuter than Treston! She's my floud, and she loves me!!! She's smooth and sweet...and she even brings me faerie pie from Faerieland! I like to bungee-jump, eat pie, and most of all, play with Fleeni. Well, It's Josk's turn...see you soon!

Hi! I'm Josnyk, Josk for short. I'm the 3rd pet in the family, and almost the final one. Zograce will tell ya more about that later...I was once blue. Yes, blue...the dullest blue, too! Then, my mom changed me into a split chomby...I think my new color's pretty neat, don't you? I'm a chomby (as you can see) and a big one at that. No, I'm not fat, I'm just big...303 lbs. big! I give Jo-K free rides to Tyrannia...and we have so much fun...once, she even jumped higher than a pteri could fly!! Iki is my big brother...he thinks that Jokeera is just a hyper nut, and that giving her rides to Tyrannia is soo totally un-cool! I think it's cool, though! Zograce is the youngest, and is also adopted...She's still a little freaky about being in the pound, but I think she was just always like that....she's not that bad, though! Jeiziom is my look-alike stego...he's awesome!! I'm teaching him to rock climb! Oh yeah, speaking of rock-climbing...I love it!!! I climbed Mount Everest once, y'know! Hannah was so afraid...but I showed her!! Well, I gotta go...My plane to Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro leaves in 2 hours!!!

Hey! I'm Zohara_Grace, Zograce for short. I'm adopted. I'll tell you my story...Well, It was a bright and sunny day in Neopia, and I was just a baby. My mom was holding me, and, as far as I remember, I was giggling and smiling in her arms. She brought me to a dark and musty place...she called it the pound. I wasn't afraid, though! I had my mommy! Then, she gave me to a mad techo scientist...and he put me in a cage. Now I was afraid. I screamed "Mommy! Mommy!" but my mom never looked back. Not once. She got into her car and drove off. As far as I knew, I was a goner. But then, Hannah came along. She sometimes just liked to look what pets were up for adoption...she only really wanted 3 pets...but then she saw me. I was sleeping at the time. I had a long list of owners that wanted to adopt me and put me to work...but Hannah wrote her name down anyways...she knew she'd never get me! But then, a week later, a man called. He told her that a blue shoyru was waiting to be picked up...she didn't believe it...but she went down and sure enough, there I was. She didn't want me. She even told me that. But she kept me for a day...then a week. Then a month...and I became part of the family. She thinks we were meant to be together...and I agree. Hannah's my mommy, not my step mommy, MY mommy! I don't remember my old mommy, and I don't wanna. She must have been mean to do that to me. I have a petpet, Kaysie, and I was recently painted purple. And this is my brother's, sister, and my story!

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