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Pet Name: Jainny, Mairey, DorthyAnne, Santannaa
Owner: gorgeousgloria
Breed: usul, chia, shoyru, scorchio

About Jainny, Mairey, DorthyAnne, Santannaa:

Hi I'm gorgeousgloria and before I get into stories and facts on my neopets, I wanted to explain why I entered them in the pets spotlight. I think that Mairey, Jainny, DorthyAnne and Santannaa should have a chance to win something (they have no trophies) and when I heard about the pet spotlight, I jumped at the idea and entered my neopets. Ever since then, I have been enetering my pets over and over, but never won. I have kept trying though. By the way, I am really sorry I couldn't make my own picture. But I couldn't get a picture on here, I had made like 10 different ones, but I couldn't get them here, so I settled with these.

Before I tell you a story, I want to tell you how differnt my pets are from others.

Mairey's Organization
I has to be said. Mairey is quite a neat-freak. She is well orginized, and I find that a good thing. She has her books in a particular order, from A-Z. Her shelves are pink (she loves pink) and they have her books with a rosy-pink cover on them so that they stay new. She has another shelf on the wall just above her bed, where she keeps all her Diaries (I'll explain about Mairey's diaries later) on the bottom shelf, bound with a pink cover on the first shelf, her night-time books in the second shelf, with a night blue cover, and her favorite dolls (she loves dolls) on the last and 3rd shelf. She hates it when her books get bended, folded or have finger prints on them. She has a chest at the foot of her bed where she keeps all her dolls. When Mairey has read a book, she puts it on a 3rd book-shelf. But Mairey would much prefer to take a bunch of books with her outside to read.

Jainny's Organization
Jainny is quite like Mairey, although not much. She doesn't really care though. She keeps her books on her shelves and reads them. Her toys are left on her book shelves neatly on the top. She too, likes her books nice and new. But when it comes down to going out in the fresh air, then she's out in a second. her books don't have a cover on them, but she does becareful how she reads them, so as not to bend them.

Santannaa's Organization
To be honest, Santannaa doesn't really have an organization plan like Mairey. She'd rather prefer to be outside in the cool, fresh air then be cooped up in her room. She always keeps her window open so that when she comes in at night to sleep, her room will be nice and fresh. She would prefer to read outside for the same reason Mairey does, because of the peace, and the scent of the flowers.

DorthyAnne's Organization
DorthyAnne doesn't care the least about how her books are ordered. Although she likes them brand new, she just smiles when someone does something to one and puts it back on her shelf. Her toys are thrown everywhere, she would occasionally put them where they belong. Although I don't tell her to put her toys away because she is always playing with them, so its understandable.

My Neopet's Diaries (No Entries included)
The reason I didn't have a subtitle for each as I did for my pet's organization, was bacause they all have their Diaries in the same way: They have hundreds. I have never read their Diaries because that is their privacy. But what I can tell you is they orginize them. They all have a Dream Diary. There they would record their dreams in it. Mairey's Diaries are all titled, same with DorthyAnne, Jainny, and Santannaa. Their dream diaries are called "Do Dreams Come True?". They have a diary for every time they go to a Theme Park (Theme Park Fun!), one for every time they go to training school (Training Chias, Training Usuls, Training Scortchios, Training Shoyrus) and one for their problems (What a Chia goes Trough in Life, Common Problems of the Common Shoyru, Stressed out Scorchio, The Tough Situations and Corners I have to Get Out Of) I don't want to invade their privacy and say so much, so that's all I'll mention.

School Life
Mairey, Jainny, DorthyAnne, and Santannaa all do their homework. they spend hours on end doind. (Occasionally, they get so caught up in it I have to tell them to stop and go outside so they could loosen up a bit and freshen their minds). They have gotten more A's them B's.

Social Life
Their school work doesn't affect their social life in the leas: They won't let it. They play outside in our garden (backyard really) and they play games like tag, batmonton, tennis, and many others. We even have a red carpet for them to fashion around in our backyard!!! They'd much rather read in their favorite place: a river down in a meadow, where there is tree that splits in two. They would climb it and then sit down with their backs on the trunk-each one at a different branch-and read. Sometimes they'd even sleep there. "We love to go out and hear the korbat's in the air, and the flotsam in the river and the meercas chase each other..." Jainny had said once.
Now, here is the moment you've all been waiting for. Here is a story of Jainny, Mairey, DorthyAnne, and Santannaa... Mairey, Jainny, Santannaa, DorthyAnne and I had had gone to terror Mountain at the Ski Lodge. Unfortunately, we hadn't about the murders there...
"Are we there yet?" DorthyAnne asked
"No" I said simply.
"Are we there yet?"
"Are we there yet?"
We walked on (with much are we there yets from my pets) until we came to the Ski Lodge. A nice Poogle showed us to our rooms.
"How come this place is empty?" I asked. The Poogle explained about all the murders. I stood horrified. My pets hid behind me. I held their hands.
"It's OK. I won't let anything happen to you, OK?" I promised them. They nodded sliently. "But I want you 4 to promise me you'll look out for each other-if what he says," I glanced at the poogle, "is true."
The poogle smiled sweetly. "I assure, it is no lie. It is the truth. I would not scare a guest for the fun of it."
"I am not saying you would. It's just...murderers?" I asked, but I sounded more confident then I felt. Ever since I was young, I have never like the idea of spooky stories.
"Come. I will escort you to your rooms, and if you need anything..."the poogle said, "just name it."
I nooded and my pets and I walked to our rooms. I lay down in the bed, thinking about what the poogle said. I smiled to myself reassuringly. It's all just some spooky story, that's all. Then I stopped. I looked down and saw Mairey tuggging my leg.
I looked at her. "What is it?" Mairey looked at me.
"Do you believe that it's true? What if there really is a murderer?"
"Nonsense. That's impossible. Want to know why? Because they wouldn't let guests come in here if there was a murderer. They'll close this place down."
"But," Jainny started, "What if...what if...what if they didn't close it down because they wanted to figure out who did it!!!!"
I tried to resist the logic in this. "Just go to sleep, OK? Nothing is going to happen to any of you. I won't allow it. And besides, there is no murderer!"
My neopets looked at each other doubtfully. They nodded and went to their room (there was a door leading from mine to theirs)
I sighed and for the first time noticed the beauty of the room. It was huge and had a queen-sized bed (the one I slept on) and a chendelier on the ceiling of the room. I looked at the hude dressers, and a changing room on the left. There was one bathroom at the corner. There was another door to my right leading from my room, to my neopets (I had requested that the door remains unlocked) and anoter door right across from it leading out. There was another room without a door that contained all the food (basically the kitchen) and across from my bed was a huge desk where all my things were.
I sighed and bit my lip. What if there really was a murderer? My pets seemed to think so. I got up out of my bed-just to make sure-and opened the door to my pets room. It was exactly like mine only there were 4 beds. I looked at my neopets and sighed with relief.
They were siting on DorthyAnne's bed, their diaries layed out, coloring books and everything were spread out on the bed. They were talking and laughing. DorthyAnne was writing in her diary-obviously about the trip.
They looked up at me. Santannaa smiled. They could see my worry. Jainny got up and hugged me. The others did the same. I rolled my eyes with irritation as Mairey said tauntingly, "See, we're ok."
"Yeah, so I see." I muttered. "Well, I'm tired. I'd better go back to sleep. And I don't want you staying up so long ok?" I walked over to the light and was about to turn it off when I saw Mairey looking at me. "Oh, ok. Fine. But not too late. You need your rest."
"Thanks!" Santannaa cried.
I walked out and closed the door behind me. Ok, I thought. I walked over to my bed when all of a suddden I froze. I felt the blood in my veins turn to ice. My face paled. My bag was open, and my things were thrown all over the place, as though someone was looking for something. Instead of my bag being on the desk, it was now right next to the door!
I calmed down. "Relax, probably just something looking for my clothes to wash. Yeah, I walked over to my bed. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I sat up straight in bed, staring where I had caught the movement. Nothing. I sighed. Just then, Jainny gave a scream. I leaped up and ran over to the door. I swung the door open and saw 3 snarling, angry lupes!
My neopets were all on the bed staring at them. DorthyAnne was hurriedly writing in her diary. A lupe snuck up behind her. DorthyAnne gave a small shreik, and slammed her diary shut, leaping 3 feet in the air.
"Hey!!!" Mairey cried, "She was writing in her diary!!!"
A lupe turned and looked at her. Mairey squeaked with fright. I grabbed a rock and flung it at the lupe as it prepared to pounce on her. "Get your sniveling paws off her!" Santannaa cried and just then she leaped up and hit the lupe. The lupe whimpered. But then he attacked. DorthyAnne gave a wild cry and leaped into the fray. The other lupes joined in. Mairey and Jainny looked at them and rushed forward, blocking the lupe from helping their friend. Then they started fighting. I picked up whatever I could find and flung it at the vicious lupes, entering the room. My neopets bit, snapped, kicked, punched: whatever they can do. Occasionally they go in to help their sisters out.
Finally, the lupes fled. Mairey looked at me. "I told you not to worry." She smiled.
Santannaa nodded. "Yeah, we looked out for each other like we said.
We decided to take one last look around Terror Mountain, (The ice caves and the mountain top) and then we left for Tyrannia.........

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