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Pet Name: GGJolteon
Owner: Mewbaby2K
Breed: Wocky

About GGJolteon:

(This is sort of from her point of view)

I could only look alone into the past, of the past memories of sadness and heartbreak. It was nearing autumn and I stepped out into the open air with nothing on my mind, but the mere sight of the beautiful sunset leaves that would seem to gleam against the sunlight. I let out a sigh of peacefulness as the wind blew against my golden fur. It was only my happiness that brought me this far. The hope and desires that I wished to accomplish came upon me like lightning to a tree. All I have ever wished for was right by me, right near me. Anything else that I could name, I had. But sadly, it wasn't always this way.

When I was young I was adopted by a guy of about 23, he seemed to have interests in cats as for of Wockies. Even though I was only level 1, he didn't care, my strength had nothing to do with it--Or at least that's what I thought... That day he and all of his pets were sent to the battledome to fight against strong pets, far above our levels. As he sent them out, I watched as they all got tortured and beaten down in a mere second. As he soon ran out of pets to fight with, I figured that we were just going to leave. Evidentially--that was not the case. He told me to go out and to battle too. What was he thinking? That was insane! I stood my ground, refusing to fight, however, he still tried forcing me too. Soon enough he took out a whip and struck me. I yelped and jumped forward, soon enough seeing this level one-hundred-and-three striped Wocky step out in front of me. She hissed a bit, but didn't really seem to have much intention of fighting me, I wasn't exactly sure of why though. She hissed and stretched out her paws. I put my paws over my head thinking that this would be the end, thinking that I would die, thinking that I would never see another day. I heard the tone of the bell, seeming that we were suppose to start, still having my head covered, I waited for my death. Soon enough I heard her jump, waiting to feel the pain but only to feel air. I lifted a paw from over my head to look for her. She was no where in site. I spun around and saw her on my owner, seeing her trying to shred him to pieces. She nudged her head wanting me to follow her. She ran forward and out the door. I ran off with her.

We both jumped into a small bush seeing my owner run out looking for me. He looked around for about three more minutes then left. I jumped out of the bush and shook my fur along with her. I turned around and looked at her. "Thank you," I smiled and said happily, "I couldn't have gotten away from him without you." She nodded. "Ah, don't think about it, I do it all the time. Oh and by the way, what's your name? Mine is Aquatic_Angle." She put out her paw and I took it and shook it. "Hi, I'm G. G. Jolteon, glad to meet you." She nodded. "Hey you know, my owner is a Wocky lover, she adopts abandoned and hurt Wockies, you need an owner?" I was quite happy to hear this. I smiled and nodded excitedly. "Well then, come on." She let out a smile and turned around leading me to a land of paradise, her land, her home.


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