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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: esteichor
Owner: higor_ccesar_fonseca
Breed: Bori

About esteichor:
“What would you do if you had the most valuable treasure in the whole world for just one day?"

Esteichor is a bori who was born in the Terror Mountain and raised by a family of greedy pirates, who had taken him away from his family due to his father’s unpaid debt. In the pirate ship, he was fed and dressed with a pirate shirt and a bandana. He was now one of them. For his entire childhood, esteichor learnt how to wield a sword, shoot with a cannon and lower the sails. In a few years, esteichor became a phenomenal pirate guided by his brilliant mind. Everything was going wonderfully, until a bird brought him a letter from his brother in the middle of the night. With that letter, Esteichor found out about his past and everything that the pirates have done to his family, especially his father. What confirms that the letter is legitimate is a little collar that came with the letter. That collar was a present from her mother in his birthday before being taken away.

So, everything the pirates have told him was nothing but lies. The scene of he being taken away wasn't a dream at all. At that moment, all the respect he had for his fellow pirates got replaced with uncontainable fury. He then ripped his shirt and threw it to the seas with a deafening shout. A shout so loud that awoke everybody in the Krawk Island, even though the Krawk Island was kilometers away.

The captain of the ship jumped out of his bed and rush to Esteichor. When he left his cabin, Esteichor was still screaming. The captain held his arms and, desperaly, tried to calm him down.

Captain: "Esteichor! Esteichor! What's wrong!? What in the nine seas happened to you!?"

With deep breathes, esteichor was able to calm himself. When he finally came to his senses, he had to think quickly in an acceptable answer.

Esteichor: "Captain, I swear I saw a monster in the water! He tried to drag me in, but only got my shirt! It was HUGE! That monster had a lot of.. Tentacles!"

With those words, the captain and all the pirates around them turned pale.

Captain: "...It was... THE KRAKEN???"

Without wasting time, all the pirates started to run in circles, preparing for a battle with the Kraken. The captain then took hold of a chest with his most valuable relics and gave it to esteichor.

Captain: "Esteichor, you'll have to leave the ship. Take my relics and go to... you know."

Esteichor stares at the captain with a confused look.

Esteichor: "Eh, captain... You're not coming with me?"

Captain: "And leave my crew and my beautiful ship behind? Never! I'll have to make sure that my treasure is safe. Now GO! After beating this monster, I'll meet you in that place.

The pirates released a boat and Esteichor got inside it with the chest. He started rowing away from the ship, but suddenly stopped. Esteichor was still angry, and escaping with the treasure is a dangerous choice. The pirates WILL come after him... Or maybe, after his family. He could not let this happen. This story ends here and now. Esteichor jumped from the boat and started to swim his way back to the ship. Without being seen, Esteichor got to the basement of the ship, where all the barrels of gunpowder were stored. After that, Esteichor took a barrel and made a long trail of gunpowder which stretched to the exit door.

Esteichor: "This is where I see all of you becoming fireworks. Goodbye."

Those were Esteichor's final words to the pirates, before using his claws, creating the spark that ignited the trail of gunpowder. Esteichor ran away like there's no tomorrow and jumped right into the sea. When he reached his boat, a huge explosion could be heard, a explosion that reduced that giant ship into pieces. Nothing valuable was left behind, and there's no reason to look back anyway. Esteichor got into his boat and opened the chest. And for his great delight, the treasure was still there.

Now, free from the pirates, Esteichor took a firm grip on the oars and began to paddle forward. But even if he's now free, Esteichor isn't the same person anymore. Raised by pirates, he's now greed and manipulative as well. He will defend that treasure with his own life. The battle with the pirates is over, but the battles against those who are seeking this invaluable treasure is just beginning.

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