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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Krenoh
Owner: guranji
Breed: Jetsam

About Krenoh:
The story of Krenoh, is a sad one. His life started out like every other happy neopet in Neopia. He loved doing magic tricks and he especially loved cards. Krenoh had a lot of friends growing up and was very popular. In his junior years he succeeded in getting the highest grades in his class.

When he got into his teenage years he found himself less focused on class and began collecting things from vintage bottle caps, to old relics of the past, and also playing poker making wagers. He lost almost all his friends as he became more distant and withdrawn. By the time he graduated he had just made it by, and he managed to hold down a job working at a pawn shop. Krenoh loved working at the pawn shop and was a good employee, till the fateful day came when the shop closed down.
Krenoh was very upset, and he tried to find another job but sadly he was not able to. He could not pay his rent and he was soon forced out onto the streets. With nowhere to go, he became a drifter. He goes from place to place looking for odd jobs here and there before leaving again as he never stays in one place for long, nor can he get a steady routine job.

He loves to make wagers playing poker, and is a good poker player. At the end of the day he has no home to go to and he usually finds himself sleeping in motels. Recently he allowed an interview this is what he had to say.

Interviewer: "Hello Krenoh, it is nice to meet you. May I have a spare moment of your time?"

Krenoh: "Sure, I don't mind."

Interviewer: "So tell me Krenoh, were you always living this lifestyle?"

Krenoh: " Ha Ha oh my no, I honestly never thought I would be in this place to tell you the truth. When I was a youngster I had dreams of becoming a magician and preforming all around the world, making others smile. I was a pretty happy youngster, and I had many friends."

Interviewer: " So what happened to that happy, go lucky youngster that was you?"

Krenoh: " Well, it all started when I was a teenager. I found a really old bottle cap that was over 50 years and I was intrigued by it. I decided I wanted to collect more so I made it my pursuit to collect as many relic bottle caps as I could. That also lead me to having an interest in other relics. Of course all my friends were listening to their favorite bands and getting into fashion. I slowly started drifting away from them till I found myself pretty much a loner. I tired to get my friends to accept me but they all thought I was weird so they stopped talking to me altogether. Over time I stopped trusting others, and became secluded."

Interviewer: " So, tell us about when you got a job at the pawn shop."

Krenoh: " Ah, the pawn shop, some of my happiest times during my teens were there. The owner was awesome and the pay was good. Being in the pawn shop I was able to add more bottle caps and relics to my growing collection. I like to think I was good at haggling with others. Of course I never cheated anyone and always tried to give them a fair amount for their items. It was a good job, till one day we just weren't making any more money and we closed down. I still remember that day, it was one of the worst days for me. I went out and tried to find another job for months but there was nothing there for me. I eventually couldn't pay my rent and got kicked out on the streets, from there on I became a drifter, traveling here and there.

Interviewer: " So I have to ask. How do you make money? if you don't stay in one place too long."

Krenoh: " Well I have been unable to find a job that is looking for full time workers or a job I would really enjoy, as you know I'm not a social fellow. I take up odd end jobs here and there. Jobs like collecting garbage, construction. I also make some money playing poker, but that is a double edge sword. Sometimes I win, and sometimes I loose. I usually end up sleeping in motels till it is time to hit the road again. Heh, well one thing about being a drifter is I get to see the world.

Interviewer: "Thank you for your time Krenoh, good luck in wherever your journey leads to."

Krenoh: "Your welcome."

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