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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: _PUNCH_Bag_avie_pet
Owner: annnoel
Breed: Buzz

About _PUNCH_Bag_avie_pet:
Today was supposed to be a regular day with a friend. I was supposed to go and meet up with a friend about some help taking notes, but things didn't go as I would've hoped.

After my mom dropped me off at my friends house, I took a look at the outside of the house. It was massive to say the least, almost like she lived inside a mansion. Compared to my house which is only a single story, I was surprised by the scope of it.

"Oh, Avie! You're here!" My classmate called out to me. I snapped out of my mysticism and responded back to her.

"O-oh, heya Angel. Are you good on helping me with my notes?" I asked her, somewhat taken aback by her sudden appearance.

"Yup! I have everything prepared inside. I also got some snacks and stuff if you wanna just hang out a bit before we start." She said gesturing to her house.

"Oh, yea - yea that sounds good, we can do that." I replied as we started walking towards the entrance to her house. As we walked in, it felt like I had entered a whole new realm.

The ceiling for the foyer was all the way up to the second floor. There was a giant clock on one of the walls, while a chandelier hung down from the ceiling. Some of the walls on the top floor had some open walls in them, meaning you had an open view of the chandelier and the foyer down below.

Before I could properly take everything in, Angel called me over, "Over here, Avie! This is where the kitchen is." She said as she turned behind a wall.

The kitchen was just as magnificent. There were a bunch of fancy fruit displays on the counters and table, the kitchen was wide and open with an island counter in the middle, the walls were decorated with a bunch of floral designs against an off-white wall. You also got a view of the backyard from the kitchen, which had a beautiful garden filled with a bunch of flowers of all different colors and shapes, with trees shading parts of the garden, including a small picnic table.

Angel had noticed just how in awe I was about her house and laughed at my amazement. "I guess you like the look of my house, huh?" She asked me in amusement.

"Well it's impressive. I-I've never seen or even been to a house this... Incredible." I told her honestly.

"I mean I live in a tiny single story farm house, a-and I don't really visit other peoples places, so this is like..." I said trailing off in my words, taking in more of my surroundings.

"A new thing for you?" Angel said trying to finish my sentence.

"...Yea, I guess you can say that." I said affirmingly.

"...Oh, right! I forgot to mention," Angel said as she went towards the fridge, "I had bought some soda as well, since I knew you liked it." She exclaimed as she pulled out a 6-pack of soda.

"O-oh yea. That's really nice of you, Angel." I said gratefully.

"Of course, Avie! Anything for you!" She said as she let out a nervous laugh. I don't know what it was, but the way she said the sentence felt... Faked. I didn't look much farther into it, and just shrugged it off as me overthinking things.

Just then, it sounded like someone had come home and was coming up through the driveway. "Oh, is that your parents?" I asked her.

She looked at the doorway confused, as if she was trying to remember what was going on. Her eyes then lit up, and suddenly looked really worried.

"AVIE, I just remembered," she yelled worryingly, "I think we should head upstairs now, we don't wanna bother whoever came home!" She said as she started pushing me from the kitchen to the hallway.

"W-wait, why, what is it? Is someone important here?" I asked her, and just then the front door started opening.

As they walked through the front door, I immediately could tell who it was.


"Hey sis, I'm h-" But before he could finish, he just started at me. I started back as well, remembering all the times he hurt me, berated me, called me ugly, called me a mistake.

And that made me realize something: Angel could've stopped him.

"W-what are you doing here?!" He yelled furiously. Without responding, I threw the supplies I brought onto the floor and stormed out the front door. After that I could barely remember anything I was so fuming mad.

By the time I snapped out of it, I was already halfway down the road from her house. I could hear Angel trying to call out to me, and for a second I thought that I might've overreacted to the situation, but I thought back again how she could've stopped him, how she could've convinced him not to harass or bully me. Either way, I just needed to cool off for a bit, so I flew on back to my house.


You can read more about Avie and his character/story on his petpage!

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