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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I am a star!

Pet Name: Merlin_67
Owner: dragonfire_67
Breed: Gelert

About Merlin_67:

Hey! I think my little pet Merlin_67 deserves a little mention! Born on the outskirts of the Haunted forest, my small gelert has had a lot of frightening experiences. Now, you may be thinking to yourself "Hmm, if this guy has been tested and tried so many times, he must be tough, brave and able to defend at least himself. Right?! Right?!" Not so! All these mishaps have just made poor little Merlin_67 timid and suspicious of everything. So NOW you MUST be thinking, "If this guy's such a coward, why should he be in the spotlight?" Well, I'll tell you why, just a few weeks ago...

Merlin_67 stood at the entrance of a large cave, damp and spooky. As he peered warily inside he felt a raw, moldy wind brush across his cheek. He dared walk inside, just a few steps. A light at the end of the tunnel leading to the back of the cave frightened him and he retreated. Then he heard the voice of his best friend, Sarmund the Scorchio. Merlin_67 listened hard and he heard his own name called again. The voice quavered and turned into yelps of pain. Merlin_67 was torn between running from his fears and helping Sarmund. The yelps stopped and this troubled Merlin_67 more than the noise, he began to panic. Just then someone grabbed him and started shaking him!

"Merlin_67, Merlin_67!"...

"Merlin_67! Wake up!" Merlin_67 jumped to his feet trembling. It had been a dream!

"Merlin_67! Hurry up! Youre going to be late!" It was Merlin_67's older brother Iorek_67. They were going on a tour of Mystery Island that day and becoming quite late. So, Merlin_67 ran to the bathroom and they were on their way. After arriving at the tour booth, they set on their way through the dense foliage. At noon they took a break to eat a courtesy lunch. Merlin_67 removed himself from the rest of the group (for he was wary of their presence) and seated himself on a warm boulder. As he was eating, he listened to the silence. Just then a noise broke through it. Merlin_67 sat up straight when he realized it was his name... in Sarmund's voice! Merlin_67 hadn't known he was on the tour! He looked around but saw no sign of him. It was then the he realized the noise was coming from behind him. Merlin_67 pushed through the leaves and saw the same cave as from his dream! At first he panicked, but then realized what he had to do. He had to go into the cave. He had to save his friend. Taking a deep breath Merlin_67 ran into the cave and down the tunnel towards the light at the end. The tunnel opened up into a large cavern. In the center, his friend Sarmund was tied to a wooden precipice! The cave was the meeting place of and unknown Island tribe, and they were about to eat Sarmund for supper! Thinking only of his dear friend, Merlin_67 ripped the gag and ropes off of Sarmund and was heading for the tunnel when the tribe of Native Chias burst through. Merlin_67 looked around the cavern anxiously and noticed a large hole about 10 feet above the dirty floor. Placing his friend securely on his back, Merlin_67 took a running jump and sailed right through the opening, friend in tow. They caught up to the tour group and were exclaimed over for the rest of the trip and had a hot cup of tea each when they finally reached the tour booth.

"Thanks Merl." Said Sarmund gratefully. "This just goes to show that although you may look like a scaredy cat on the outside, you truly are brave at heart."

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