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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Kitha
Owner: naama_mikeas
Breed: Shoyru

About Kitha:
It's very hard for others to understand that, even though I'm a wraith pet, I like to celebrate the New Year. And with the wraith resurgence, my interest in spending New Year in Faerieland has petered out. Well, I'm Kitha and today I am going to tell you my New Year's Story.

I chose to go to a place where I knew I would be welcomed: the Deserted Fairground! Since it was New Year (New Year's Eve?), I decided to comb my hair, put on a skirt, accessorize ... "Wow, only an hour to midnight!" I sprayed on perfume and headed for the Deserted Fairground. To my surprise, the place was crowded. Various ghosts, mutants, zombies and Halloween pets! I had arranged with my friends to meet in the Wheel of Misfortune. Rafny and Gambat.

Rafny! Gambat! All right? Ready for Year 20?" Rafny is a Shadow Aisha, and Gambat is a Ghost Gelert.

“More than ready!" Said Rafny.
“So, shall we take a walk around here and see what we can do to have fun?" Gambat asked.
And so we went.

But with so many pets that night, we ended up losing Gambat!

“Where is he?" Rafny was worried. "It's almost midnight!!”
“Let's go this way" - I suggested the path between the Carnival of Terror and Test Your Strength.

As we walked, we came upon an abandoned shack.

“Do you think he is in there?" I asked Rafny. "Hm ... That looks so old and haunted. I'm a little scared.”
“Ah Kitha, please, do not be afraid! I'm almost sure he's in there haunting some new petpet. Let's go in to find him. I don't want to miss the fireworks.”

We entered slowly. Inside, we passed a hall and came to what looked like a living room. Everything was covered in cobwebs and dust. There seemed to be no one around.

“Hello? Gambat?”

*ring rrrring* The phone on top of the nightstand starts ringing. *ring rrrring* I look to Rafny and answer the phone. Rafny approaches trying to listen.

“Neo-hoo, I see you." A dark voice speaks.
“Who is it?”
“AHAHAHAHAHAH" I suddenly feel a cold hand on my shoulders. "YOU'RE GONNA DIE!” Rafny and I could not contain our terrified screams. But when we looked behind us, it was just Gambat laughing at our faces.

“Oh my Coltzan, girls. It's just me!”
“That's not funny, Gambat," Rafny said.
“We almost died of fright!" - I tell him, my heart still beating fast.

“Oh girls, what would Deserted Fairground be without some tricks? But let's find the way out of here. It's almost midnight.”

As we turned to the exit, we came face to face with someone, but we couldn't see who it was, because there was a light behind the silhouette. One thing we were sure of, she was dressed as a bride.

“That's a good one Gambat, you almost scared us again." Rafny was already irritated.
“But girls, I have nothing to do with that" replied Gambat.

The figure came toward us, and as a ray of moonlight illuminated her face we, screamed. There in front of us was a zombie bride! Her face and empty eye sockets expressing no feeling, but we could tell she wanted something from us.

She then glanced toward Gambat. "Marrrrryyyy" We panicked. The Zombie bride was looking for a groom! We quickly ran in the opposite direction. We saw an open window and we jumped right through it. Outside, we looked at the sky. The fireworks were making beautiful designs. Year 20 had arrived. We looked back and the shack was gone. Only a single gold ring remained in its place.

“Look at that, Gambat, for you! Haha!" - I said, pointing to the ring.
“Leave it there and let's get back to the party." Gambat was so scared that he almost changed his color to White. "What madness was that? And where did that shack go?"
“I don't know." Rafny was scared. "Kitha, next year we'll go to Shenkuu. I want a peaceful New Year's, please!
“Definitely." I had to agree. "But my friends, Happy New Year to you. Lets hope we'll have many more adventures during the year!”

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