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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Lunebug
Owner: carrotcakie
Breed: Aisha

About Lunebug:
You're tired.

You've traveled far on a long journey, and now you've found yourself in a small town just a snowball's throw from Happy Valley. Here, your breaths are frosty puffs and snowfall never ceases.

It's a peaceful little village, nestled at the white mountain's base and hushed by the perpetual snow. The locals are the sort to live for the simple joys in life. Legend says they've been favored by the gods or something of the sort since the town has always been blessed with joy and good fortune. Some of them believe their serene nature is the reason for their luck. Others believe in Lunebug.

You've heard the rumor that Lunebug spreads good luck wherever he wanders. Everyone has. There are some theories he was found as a baby aisha, buried deep in the snow, but no one truly knows where little Lune came from. He just showed up one day - and ever since then, the snowy streets of the village have known no adversity. The blizzards and avalanches that used to affect them began missing entirely, mysteriously veering off course when they got too close. Food was never scarce. Everyone grew to be strong and healthy.

Not even Lunebug himself seems to understand why or how exactly good luck seems to follow him around like an aura. He never talks either, only smiling cutely at everyone who coos over him and pets him. But the locals treat him with bemused cheer and quaint politeness anyway, always making sure to leave little snacks for the younglings to hand out to him when they hear his collar bell jingling.

You enter the cozy little inn at the border of town. The lights are warm and inviting, and you can already feel the cold redness in your cheeks fading away as you stamp out the snow from your boots. The smell of firewood is almost as comforting as the warmth.

You sit down and order a hot cocoa, and discover some kind stranger has paid for your drink beforehand. Just as you're about to take your first sip, you spot a a pale blue aisha curled up near the crackling fireplace, watching you intently.


The little neopet strolls over and purrs as you pet him and scratch behind his ears.

"Hey, little guy," you say. "I've heard a lot of local legends about you..."

He looks at you innocently, and then nibbles a marshmallow from your cocoa. He's too cute for you to get annoyed, though. But it's not just how adorable he is - you feel better than you have in ages. The aches in your muscles and the runny nose from the cold are gone, and as you rummage the pockets in your coat for a nice treat to give Lunebug, you find a decent stash of neopoints you've forgotten about!

"Aw, hey, little Lune likes you," says a friendly looking Bruce at the inn, catching your eye with a twinkling smile. "Today will be a good day for you with his blessing, aye."

The world suddenly seems so pleasant. You've never felt so warm and content before. In that moment, petting the soft aisha - you feel a deep sense of comfort in your very bones. While you feed him more marshmallows from your cocoa, Lunebug plays with your scarf until it's wrapped around him instead of you. Your blue snowflake scarf is much too large for him, almost completely enveloping his little body, but he seems to like the softness. "You can keep it, little one," you say. Lune looks at you with an innocent smile. The warmth in your heart will be enough to protect you from the chill of the snowy mountains, after all.

After some time, your eyelids grow heavy and fatigue does eventually settle into your body. You leave for bed, sinking into the blankets. As you drift off to sleep, you see a flash of pale blue in the corner of your eye and dream of happiness and good fortune...

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