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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Suez
Owner: flufflepuff
Breed: Draik

About Suez:
The ocean breeze ruffles your shirt and you breathe very slowly, glad to be safe at last.

It did seem rather dangerous to sail expensive weapons and jewelry for your employer across the sea, especially on such short notice that you were sent alone, but you are easily able to see all around you. Nothing but ocean. No Krawk Island in sight.

And if there DID happen to be a pirate ship nearby, you could just maneuver your way out of there. Your boat is fast enough for that.

But for now, there are no pirates around. Calm waters. You are safe as can be, surrounded by the motherly lull of the ocean.

And then, of course, the sky grows dark.

You gasp as bulging clouds shove their way into the sky almost immediately, not hesitating to dump their contents on you and your precious wares.

Immediately soaked through, you latch onto the sides, fighting the current and wind to stay on course. The roaring curtains of rain conceal most things from your hearing and vision, forcing you to squint to see your way through the choppy black sea.

Amid the swirling black and white danger in front of you, you could swear you catch a glimpse of gold in the water.

Was that real? You peer over the side, curiosity momentarily trumping your desire for safety.

Behind your back, a smaller, discolored wave slips quietly into your vessel, unlike the rest of the storm.

But the moment has passed, and you are still in a storm. It’s strange. Amid the torrents and struggling to keep your boat afloat after that near-tipping experience, you could swear you hear someone laughing. The howl of the wind playing tricks on your ears, no doubt.

A shove on the port, a flick of the tiller -- there you go. The boat is somewhat stable, so you now have time to take inventory. Your vessel did take on some water, after all.

You recoil in shock. More than a few necklaces are missing, as well as several swords, rumored to only be available at the Hidden Tower. Dread intertwines with the frigid rain as both prickle your skin.

Your eyes are still functional, and they see another weapon -- a seemingly innocent toy duck, no less -- floating off the vessel in an oddly-shaped puddle with an earring attached to it. Attached...?

You shout and race towards the side of the boat, thrusting your hands into the water to get the duck back. To your surprise, the water yelps and shifts, completely unlike the current.

“Ah!” you squeak, yanking your hands back from the water as if burnt.

“Greetings, friend, and I would highly prefer if you did not bury your appendages in my pancreas, thank you.” The “thank you” sounds more formal than sarcastic, and you recoil in surprise for a number of reasons.

The storm is playing with your mind -- are those green eyes you see in the water?

Unfortunately, you weren’t paying attention to the environment around you, and don’t even realize the massive wave of water approaching you from behind, slamming your face into the floor.

It is the last thing you see for a while.


A small boat with a box of treasure or two. A captain, sprawled across the floor.

“Oh dear, you’ve done it now,” the water Draik mutters to himself, melding himself with the water to ride a wave towards the pitiful little vessel. ”All alone with naught but ocean, what were you thinking?” he chides the unconscious captain as he lands on deck, turning the captain over and helping himself to the most valuable treasures he can find on board.

“When will you learn...not all pirates can be seen, you know,” the Draik muses, resuming his shape after melting into a puddle and sending another Battle Duck his way.

“Luckily for you, I’m not a true pirate,” he tells no one in particular. He would sooner be keelhauled and then abandoned in Maraqua’s Bubbling Pit than admit this to his crew. “Most would just leave you here, wouldn’t they?”

The captain moans, but does not otherwise respond.

“No one will believe me. But it isn’t always a weakness, especially not in your case.” the Draik finishes, stuffing the last gem he can fit into his trousers, glancing uneasily at the horizon. “Now let’s get you to safety.”

The captain floats just over the churning waves, their carrier beating his wings and diving, rising above the surface every so often. Thoughts race through his mind. Who was this captain? Did they leave anyone behind with their voyage? The Draik recalls the siblings he left behind, promising greatness upon his return. Well. He wasn’t quite there yet. A few trinkets here and there as well as fine weapons for his sister didn’t exactly equal greatness. Nor did being known.

It was a question he’d posed for the longest time, the answer as mysterious and endless as the ocean’s very depths.

A pirate who didn’t need a boat had his advantages. The Draik shakes his head and spreads his wings further, flying and diving faster to reach the shore.


You splutter and cough up sand, struggling to rise to your feet as soon as you feel yourself awaken. The ground is not wood, and you are definitely not on a boat. No boat means no cargo, and no cargo absolutely means FIRED--

“Beg pardon, friend, but I beseech you, lie low and drink water. There’s plenty in those coconuts. You have been through quite an ordeal.”

You search the strange island -- Mystery Island, you presume -- but can find no source of the voice. Only sand, trees, and water. But in the water...

Your eye falls onto the same glint of gold you saw before, which, in the daylight, looks unmistakably like--

“An earring -- you’re in the water, aren’t you?!” you exclaim, tensing your entire body.

The head of a water Draik surfaces above the much calmer sea. After staring you right in the face, he nods, and you get the feeling you won’t see him again after this.

"Who are you?" You ask, stunned by this most unusual pirate.

The Draik head disappears under the water, but the waves on the shore give you your answer.

Shoo....ess ....Soo ....ez...


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