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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Eirisse
Owner: wat3rbird
Breed: Aisha

About Eirisse:
A bone-chilling wind whistles through the forest, flipping open the cover of an ancient-looking book. The wind whips through the moonlit pages but doesn't damage them, dying down when it reaches a certain page somewhere near the middle of the story. It teases the pages, lifting them slightly but never turning them, as if waiting for the book to respond. Suddenly, the book begins to glow. A bright light emits from the spine, growing and taking shape. The light takes the form of an Aisha, then thumps to the ground on its side. Slowly it fades, leaving in its place a real Shadow Aisha. She appears to be sleeping. 
A White Weewoo perches in the tree above the Aisha and sings its mournful song, fighting to be heard above the wind. Slowly, the Aisha opens her eyes and begins to pick herself up. She moves delicately, almost as if she were made of the very paper of the book from which she came. She is dressed in red and black, her face painted in a gothic style. The Aisha surveys the forest suspiciously, her ears flapping gently in the wind. After deciding she is alone, she picks up the book and tucks it securely in the folds of her skirt. After glancing at the Weewoo, she is on her way, moving quickly but quietly. She takes care to avoid any especially sharp-looking sticks or stones. 
A few minutes later, the Aisha reaches the edge of the forest. There is a well-worn path leading to a loud, brightly illuminated town. She knows that by this time of night, there is little chance that anyone would be wandering far from the party. She begins moving swiftly and silently, thankful that her dark fur helps her blend with the shadows. When she reaches the edge of town, she ducks behind a bush and begins to access the situation. She knows every hiding place and Neopet in this town, but each night is different. When the gaggle of Neopets outside the ballroom turn their backs to her, she quickly darts to the door, composing herself right before entering. 
"Eirisse!" shouts a Pink Elephante gleefully. "I was afraid that you weren't coming," she says, marching over to the Aisha. Eirisse smiles and replies, "You know I'd never miss a good party, Miss Elephante." An elegant Faerie Lenny saunters over to the pair, nodding at other partygoers he meets along his route. "I dare say, Eirisse, that you look quite stunning tonight…as usual, of course," he greets her. The Aisha bows her head and thanks him for his politeness. Miss Elephante insists that Eirisse join her on the dance floor, and it feels like only moments have passed before the first rays of the morning sun begin to bless the windows of the ballroom. 
The treacherous sun. 
The Aisha gasps as she realizes what time it is. The Lenny left the party long ago, muttering something about the King. Miss Elephante was exhausted but not ready to see her friend leave. "Oh, Eirisse! You've been out so late. Just this once…come to my home and take a nap before you begin your travels," she begs dramatically. Eirisse shakes her head and smiles, though her anxiety is increasing rapidly with every passing second. "I'm sorry, but I really must be going home," she responds sweetly. She turns and begins to walk away, not expecting what comes next. Miss Elephante reaches for her, temporarily making contact with her shoulder. Both the Neopets gasp as Miss Elephante draws her arm back and Eirisse whips around to face her. "You…your…are you sure you're okay to go home?" the Elephante struggles with her words, her hand still tingling from the strange sensation her friend's arm produced. "I'm sorry. I'm sure. I must go," Eirisse calls over her shoulder, trotting away. 
Luckily for Eirisse, most of the other Neopets have already gone home, so it is much easier to slip into the forest unseen. She ducks behind bushes and trees, constantly looking over her shoulder. She notices that the tip of her ear is beginning to look a little pale. She clenches her jaw and pushes onward. By the time she reaches the edge of the forest, Neopia is well-illuminated. Her ear, however, is nearly transparent. The forest protects her a little from the sunlight, but she knows that time is of the essence. She picks her way to the book as quickly as possible, pleading with Fyora that she makes it.
As soon as she spots the book, the Aisha dives into the open pages. There is a flash of light and just as quickly as she arrived, she disappears.

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