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Pet Name: MarlaDurdens
Owner: filmlit
Breed: Peophin

About MarlaDurdens:
Pressing her quill so firmly into her writing pad Marla simultaneously etches her thoughts as she scribes them. Marla, like many Peophins, deeply values knowledge and the preservation of analyzed experiences, which has led her to become an avid journaler.

Comfortable in her modest Krawk Island home Marla feels overwhelmed with nostalgia as she finishes the day’s entry. Compelled to sprint down memory lane, Marla decides to flip the page back to her first journal entry ever and remind herself of where she once was before the hurricane of her heart lead her across the Neopian Oceans.

"All of the peophins I know are both wise and terrified." As she reads her old words she vividly remembers writing boldly from a seat on the Altador docks. "They thrive in their pods but seldom see all of Neopia. They dedicate their lives to their fellow Peos, but don't always dig deeper within themselves to find the beautiful things that set them apart from their pod. Today I chose to leave the pod I grew up with, though I love my Maraquan native family with the whole of my heart. Today I chose to commence my adventure and start my growth. Today, I chose to blossom beneath the sun and Kreludor and create the life I had always dreamed of for myself."

Marla smiles as she reads this. She had written the words years ago but they still resonate with her as though she had only just begun to write them. Marla has had a grand life, but a very different life from the usual Peophin destiny.

Her pod was migrating through Altador on one heatstroke of a day when she felt a change in a currents within herself that lead to her choosing to become a lone Peo. After breaking away from the seasonal chase for cooler waters, Marla truly saw Altador for the first time. The sun soaked city and its heroes entranced Marla with a wanderlust so wild that she chose to never look back to the currents she once routinely followed.

Marla attributes her solo visit to Altador for her educational awakening. She studied the heroes excitably, especially learning all she could about Marak, The Wave - a legendary Peophin with whom she saw qualities of herself in. She began to devour books in the archives and learned the rich history of the city that she decided was only the beginning of the rich history of all of Neopia. When Marla felt though that she had learned all she could from Altador, she packed her journal and plenty of fig sandwiches and left to see all of Neopia.

Traveling from land to land Marla read books, made friends with curious artisans and vendors, and learned as many new skills as she could. From faerie blessings to ninja training, there was nothing Neopia had to offer that she did not hungrily try… and normally succeed.

The last land on Marla’s list of travels was Krawk Island. She had put off this territory because of the tall tales her pod had told her about the Krawk Pirates treatment of Maraquans. Marla loved Maraqua, she loved her pod too, and she was proud to be a native of a place that some Neopets pay millions for a paint brush to fit in… but her pride of where she came from was not enough to hold her back from where she was going.

Marla had trained and studied. She made friends everywhere and had grown to become a beautiful, well-traveled, and well-spoken Neopian… Krawk Island couldn’t intimidate her… or so she continued to tell herself.

When she first arrived to the Wharf Warf Marla feared she was in over her head. The Haunted Woods didn’t scare her as much as the pirates of Krawk Island did. With their gray furs and striped shirts, Marla felt out of place with her sunshine color and Maraquan accent.
“Aye,” a pirate Tuskaninny shouted to her as she started her way up the wharf towards the hub of the island. Marla tensed up as she met his gaze in his unpatched eye. “What arrre ye’ doin’ here?”

“Just visiting.” Marla answered. She continued onwards, images of being blubber-smacked by the pirate running wild in her imagination.

“I hope you enjoy yer stay.” The pirate sounded, much to Marla’s surprise, genuine. She looked at him one more time and saw an honest gold-toothed smile paired with a sweet wave of his flipper.

Perhaps, Marla thought to herself, the tall, xenophobic tales of her pod were just that… tales.

On the wharf she made friends with the locals, chased cheerful Warfs in and out of colorful shops, ate delicacies at the Golden Dubloon, and charmed all with her knowledge of Neopia’s land and seas.

Marla left the Warf Wharf and found a shore that had seemed long since forgotten. She was alone, the way she always was, on the beach, being near-lulled to sleep by a wonderful sound in the wind. A “wee-woo” sound that washed over her with the breeze.

Nearly asleep, Marla felt a feather brush along her fin. Panicked, she tensed and woke, ready to defend herself from a less-amiable pirate than she had encountered. To her surprise, a small feather beast she had never seen before had cuddled itself at the bottom of her fin. Marla smiled as the little beasty let out a familiar and happy “wee-woo” song.

Marla picked up the creature and realized that his sweet song was a sign that her travels no longer had to be solo. With a Wee-woo perched on her shoulder Marla wrote in her diary that she had found home in the most unlikely of places. The land she had saved for last out of fear was now the place she wanted to call home between her next adventures. She wanted to root on Krawk Island and always come back to the land who’s culture fascinated her beyond any other.

Marla, with her new friend Tyler the Weewoo, made a home just above the Forgotten Shore. She now spends her days reading rare books brought in by smugglers and telling locals of all the dubloons she found in the Lost Desert. Through traveling Marla found her true self and her perfect home.

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