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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: wild_swallow
Owner: penguino7754
Breed: Gelert

About wild_swallow:
A young Gelert girl wearing a red dress with black lace accents is on the Darigan Citadel. She is carrying a basket of ruby red apples and heading determinedly toward Lord Darigan's castle.

Lord Darigan's castle is not exactly hospitable, she notes. She then picks up her dress and walks daintily over the rocks and stones littered about. The girl comes up to the main gate and, seeing that it is shut, rolls her eyes and gives an exasperated sigh.

"Ah-hem!" she coughs. "I. Am. Here!"

Seeing that the gate remains shut, she gives a little blow to her bangs and goes up to it. Hesitating a little, she glances one last time at her perfect manicure. She then takes the knocker and lets it go.


She hears it echo through almost all of Darigan.

The Gelert rocks a little on her heels and is about to grab the knocker again when she hears light footsteps tapping down the corridor toward the doors.

She smooths out her dress and adjusts her hair bow, making herself "presentable."

A punk-style Darigan Kougra opens one of the giant doors. He leans against it, looks her up and down, and then raises one eyebrow, as if expecting an explanation.

"I am here to see Lord Darigan," she says shortly. "Please let me in, err... kind sir."

This Darigan look isn't too bad for some Neopians… she thinks to herself as the Kougra stares at her for a second. Then, as if he finally believes her, the Kougra opens the door wider and beckons her in. She walks inside and waits as he closes the door.

"Follow me," he mutters gruffly.

He walks forward and the Gelert follows... nervously.

"So… what is your name, sir?" she cautiously asks.

He looks at her for a second then mutters, "Kioren."

"Oh. It's a very nice name..." she replies, smiling at him.

He looks at her once more, then walks on.

They walk in silence for a while and then arrive at the destination.

"In here..." he says, then pauses.

"Wild_Swallow," she informs him.

"In here, Wild_Swallow," he beckons, then turns and waits by the door as she cautiously walks forward into the musty darkness.

She glances back at him and he gives her a small, toothy smile.

A smile… not a growl... I hope, she thinks to herself.

She continues forward and hears a shuffling in front of her. The Gelert lowers her eyes and bows down.

"Your Highness, Lord Darigan," she says. "I have brought you a gift and come to ask you to free my family from your dungeons."

She places the basket in front of her.

"They are ruby apples from the Snowager's Cave."

The Kougra widens his eyes a little at this fact.


"Wha--" the Gelert gasps. "After I came here all the way from our home in Meridell?!? YOU AREN’T EVEN GOING TO CONSIDER IT?!? WHAT KIND OF NEOPET ARE YOU?!? YOU ARE A TERRIBLE FATH--... KING!"

Sobbing, she runs off toward the doors that she came in through, hoping to escape this horrible place.

"Why would you even bother? He never lets anyone out of the dungeons," the Kougra says to her. "You should know that."

The Gelert stopped. She then turned around slowly to face this, this, this... SILLY NEOPIAN who dared question her knowledge of her own family heritage, of not knowing something like the fact that Lord Darigan was STUBBORN AND SHORT-TEMPERED, like herself.

She glared at him for a second and then he saw a single tear escape her eye.

"Shouldn't you be checking the border or something?" she asked simply as she turned and ran off, crying.

"Wait! Please! I am sor--" he began, but then stopped, for she had already ran to the gate and left.

He slowly walked up to it and watched as a figure in the distance, clothed in a red dress with black lace accents, ran off into the night.

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