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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Arwendonian
Owner: lasaramar
Breed: Buzz

About Arwendonian:
Big brother, look! A new friend has come to pay us a visit! I love visits! Can we play some games? Please let us play some games! I am sure we can have fun together, can't we?

Oh! I see... Big brother says that you want to know my story. But we've got a small problem, you know? I'm just a tiny baby. I can't speak or write. (But I am very clever... I will learn, I promise!) Anyway, don't worry. I've got my big brother, a caring owner and two wonderful aunties! They can help me tell you everything about me. I hope you don't get bored, 'cuz I like you a lot!

Know what? Nobody knows where I came from. I was once an abandoned Buzz, just like my brother. He gets really sad when he thinks about that! And very angry! He doesn't like reckless owners. Everything started one evening when Reed —my big brother— was having a walk near the pound. He sometimes likes to do that; it helps him remember his past, and he's got some good friends living there. Nothing made him expect what would happen. All of a sudden, he heard some sobbing nearby. So he started looking for the source of the sounds, and they seemed to come from behind a mossy rock.

And... there I was! Big brother could feel his heart sinking. I looked so defenceless and lonely! It was the month of Sleeping. I was shivering and so cold! So he hugged me just to keep me warm. Everything I had with me was an old basket and a little scarf with my name sewn in it. Oh, wait! I didn't tell you my name, did I? I'm Arwendonian. My aunties say my name sounds Faerie!

Whatever... Big brother soon headed to the pound, where he spoke to Dr. Death. I was quite obviously a pounded baby, so he did some paperwork and... well, he could adopt me! He took me home, where my owner and aunties were really surprised... But they were happy too! My brother wrapped me in a supersoft Faellie Blanket, and he fed me some warm Forest Fruit Baby Food. He made me feel so comfortable and safe; I immediately fell asleep in his arms!

But let's stop speaking about my adoption! I mean... What does it matter where I came from? This family is my true family now, and they love me so much! I must be a lucky baby. I adore spending time with my big brother: he always makes me laugh, and he cares for me a lot. He tries to make me happy in a thousand ways, and he's really worried about my health and safety. He often says that he would never let anything bad happen to me... Never! He finds the best food for me when I'm hungry... and I get the juiciest, yummiest fruits and berries! We enjoy playing together for hours, reading stories or looking for cute petpetpets in the garden. Sometimes, he even takes me for a flight. He shows me lots of different places... That's exciting! I'm a quiet and nice boy, but also really curious. Discovering the world is great!

My aunties know that too. That is why Auntie Zime likes taking me for walks in the countryside. Since she is an Ogrin, she knows everything about plants, flowers and nature! We sometimes have fun just lying in the sun. Auntie Phili... She's the smartest auntie in all of Neopia! She has read looots and looots of books. So she always tells me amazing things that I didn't know. Oh! And she's a Tyrannian Elephante. That means she's super big and super fluffy!

Speaking of fluffy things... Did you know that I've got a petpet? His name is Washable. He's a Plushie Yullie. Big brother brought it to me soon after I came home. He's the best petpet! Some Neopets think that he's too big for me. Since I'm a little grub, we're almost the same size! But he's not scary: he's soft, puffy and really playful. And he makes the best pillow when I feel sleepy! In fact... I'm a huge petpet lover, I guess: I get along with all the petpets in my house. Big brother's Carmariller, for example, seems to be the most brilliant lullaby singer ever! Lord Tennyson —Auntie Phili's Mazzew— is so clumsy and adorable... He makes me giggle. And, what can I say about Bell-e the Diddler? He's got lots of games for these days when I'm bored!

What else can I tell you? I like becoming friends with everybody and everything that I can find! I also love exploring Neopia on my own and engaging in fun, unexpected adventures. These are the reasons why Big brother says that, despite my good heart, I can be a little rascal. He can still remember that time when I tried to befriend a bad-tempered wild Tigermouse. Fortunately, he's always watching me and protecting me from evil. He's a superhero! As I told you, I can feel safe by his side, even when I get into trouble for being naughty.

And... I think that's all about me. Wow! I'm so tired now! Babies need lots of sleep... Thanks for coming by! We had such a great time, didn't we? I hope you could come back someday... Nice to meet you!

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