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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Mannu
Owner: maryannyks
Breed: Wocky

About Mannu:
They had finally reached the peak of Terror Mountain. It was cold, but beautiful. The sky was clear, the air felt sharp and the sun was shining. Rays of sun reflected from the snowflakes and that made Jude squint her eyes.

"You should have brought ski-goggles," Mannu said, looking at Jude, adjusting hers.

"I'm fine," Jude muttered.

"The view is so beautiful, don't you think?" Mannu gasped. "And it's the perfect snowboarding weather!" She was getting excited now.

She had never been to the peak of terror mountain before. She had been to the ice caves and to the Neggery, but not on top of the mountain. And she was loving it. The snow was untouched and waiting to be played with. Mannu jumped into a nearby pile of snow.

"It's so FUN." She rolled around and around and soon she was covered in snow, but it didn't feel cold at all.

"You're overreacting. It's just snow," Jude said, looking at her younger sister having fun with the snow.

"Jude, come play with me," Mannu insisted.

"We came here to ski, didn't we?" Jude looked around. "And really, morning is the best time, other neopets aren't here yet."

"Oh, are you afraid they will see you fall?" Mannu teased.

"No!" Jude said harshly but looked around a little more carefully. Mannu was right, she didn't want others to see her fall, but no one would ever have to know.

Mannu crawled out of the snow and shook it off herself. She had taken a red snowboard with her and now she was trying to stand on it. It was her first time on a snowboard, but she wasn't scared at all. She was anxious to get started.

"Now, how does this work?" she asked her older sister with a curious look on her face.

"Here, let me show you," Jude said and got on her board. She moved with the snowboard and then pointed downhill. "Take the beginners track; it's easier and it doesn't have as many ups and downs. It's really just a slow slope, your speed won't get too fast, either."

Mannu nodded and saw Jude go down the slope with ease. She was an agile dragon, after all. A really strong one, too. And balanced.

Mannu wasn't really thinking about how to keep your balance or when to turn. She wanted to feel the snow on her face, feel it tickle her paws as she sped through the track in the morning sun.

She felt ready and started moving towards the beginners track, but moving was different when both of your legs were strapped onto a board. She almost fell, but managed to steady herself. She saw Jude look at her from below and waved. Jude waved back and made a gesture that must have meant: "Come on already!"

Mannu tried again. This time she jumped towards the track, but missed and got on the professional track instead. But it was too late now, she was going downhill at full speed. She saw everything go by her, she felt the cold snow on her face and it was awesome! She was loving it.

She tilted her body one way and the other way, she was born to do it. Everything came naturally and she was surprised how easy it was. It might have been her cat-like reflexes, it might have been the adrenaline, but she was sliding through the snow with ease, leaving a trail on the slope.

The Wocky slid past the dragon and waved as she went. Jude was astonished and staring. How could she be so good with never having done it before?

But Mannu was past her already. She came into a stop about half a mile further, where she got off her board and ran towards her older sister, Jude.

"Did you see that?" she was squealing.

"I did. Where did you learn to do that?" Jude asked.

"Right here!" Mannu replied. "Now let's do it again."

Jude was still pretty shocked but she agreed to go down the hill again. And they did. It was one of the best days in Mannu's life. They finally got off the mountain when it started to get dark. They headed to the Neolodge to get some hot chocolate and marshmallows, because that's what winter was all about. Having fun in the snow and getting hot chocolate.

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