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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Zouki53
Owner: donnaone
Breed: Bori

About Zouki53:
I always knew Zouki (or ZouZou, as I like to call her) would do well in her life. She was the first cub of four. She would often slip from the nest to go and look at things. Her mother had to get her and bring her back, scolding her and telling her she had much to learn before she could be adopted. Being curious and courageous is a big part of being Bori. Her mother knew it would be hard to hold Zouki back for long.

Zouki was a sweet red Bori when she was presented to me as a gift. I loved her immediately. I marveled at how smart she was and how she noticed and examined everything.

She has never been bored a day in her life. She always finds something to do or learn about. She also loves teaching others the things she knows. Helping other Neopians learn how to be "Not Bored" is actually the name of the first book she wrote. It is still a best-seller.

Not long after she came into my family, Zouki came across a rainbow paintbrush. She begged to be painted rainbow. She felt it would make her even more outgoing and happy. So I painted her rainbow. She was right. Zouki was beautiful and her outlook was even more cheery. She was complimented on her color and personality every day. Zouki was certainly the most happy neopet in Neopia.

One day as she was leaving the Magical Book Shop, she stopped to chat with a friend who was coming into the shop. Just then a loud zapping sound was heard. Zouki's friend ducked and Boochi's ray gun hit Zouki, changing her to a baby.

Boochi could be heard giggling and saying something about missing the one he intended to hit. But as long as another neopet became a baby he was happy.

Needless to say Zouki was not happy. She ran home crying about not being rainbow any longer. It was sad, but at that time I could not get another paintbrush. Zouki unhappily stayed baby for quite a while.

Finally one of her friends asked the Faerie Queen, Fyora, to help as Zouki was a good and kind Bori. Along came a cloud paintbrush. Zouki became a Cloud Bori. We both loved the new color. Zouki says changing colors has been a journey into knowing more about herself, others and life. She said maybe she will try other colors some day, if she ever gets bored.

Her first and still true love is books. Zouki just can't get enough of reading. She says if she is unable to explore Neopia then at least she can put herself into an adventure through the writing and experiences of others. She keeps some books she really likes on a bookcase in her room. There are many but there is still plenty of room. Of course, if the book dissolves after being read -- as most books in Neopia do -- she will buy another to keep on the shelf for the next time she wants to visit the story.

One day she was at the Magical Book Shop looking for books as usual. Suddenly a horde of young neopets came into the shop at once. They all wanted books they needed for school assignments. Being youngsters, they each thought they should go first. The shopkeeper was a bit frazzled by all this.

Zouki jumped into the middle of the shouting neopets and whistled quite loudly. Everyone stopped and looked at her. She thanked them for giving her their attention. She told them since there is only one shopkeeper they will all take turns. Asking them to please take a seat at a reading table, Zouki began sending one neopet at a time to the shopkeeper to get their book. Twenty young neopets all did what she told them.

Zouki told them the story she wrote called "Pokey and the Slorg Day Festival." This was the second book she had written. The afternoon went well. The neopets loved the story and the shopkeeper sold everyone the books they needed.

The shopkeeper was so pleased he asked Zouki to come every week at a set time and read a story to the youngsters. He agreed to pay her as he knew this would also help sell more books to the young neopets learning to read.

This was Zouki's first outside job, which was more like fun than work. This activity became known as Magical Story Day and continues to happen even though Zouki has moved on to other projects.

After a year of being the queen of Magical Story Hour, Zouki came home and said she thought it might be time to do something different. She loved reading to the youngsters, but she did not want to get bored and she was starting to read many of the same books she had already read.

The Magical Story Hour got a new reader. Zouki thanked the shopkeeper and wished him and story hour the best of luck. She would drop by once a month or so and read for the youngsters. They loved it and said she was the best reader.

Zouki decided to take a drawing and painting course being offered at the Art Center. She loved it and found a new talent.

Painting pictures of places and things kept her busy. She even managed to sell some paintings. Earning neopoints was always good.

Zouki started giving art classes at the art center later that year. She enjoyed teaching others what she learned. The Art Center was very happy with her and the neopoints they were earning from her classes, they offered to have a special art show of all her paintings.

The art show was held outside in Neopia Central on a sunny day. There were hundreds of visitors. Every one of her paintings were sold that day. The Art Center director agreed not to take a percentage of the sales if she would teach and paint for another year. At the end of the year they would hold another art show and then they would take a small percentage of the sales.

Zouki agreed. She was very happy to help new artists get a start. She loved painting and would often take short trips to be able to see and paint other lands in Neopia.

At the end of the year the art show was held. It was grand. Zouki had many paintings on display. She insisted other Art Center students also have paintings displayed. The show was a huge success. Most of the paintings were sold. Zouki thanked the Art Center director for everything.

Zouki knew it was time to move on. What would she do next? Maybe fashion design or neohome interior design. Perhaps petpet training would be fun. Whatever she chooses, I am sure it will turn out well for her and those around her.

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