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Pet Name: Milorf
Owner: buzzincrazopian
Breed: Grundo

About Milorf:
Once upon a time there was a little Grundo who enjoyed fantasizing about the old Neopia. Born in Virtupets, she had never seen the world out of the Space Station. Well... only through stories. She was curious about those distant lands described in the pages of her most beloved books. She liked Neovision, but her favourite shows were related to travels and Neopian history. All the lands were interesting to her, but she had a soft spot for Meridell and Brightvale. She didn't know why, but she found the outdated charm of these two kingdoms extremely fascinating. So, whereas many Neopian children dreamed of spaceships, computers and giant robots, the little Grundo used to dream about kings, magic castles and dungeons, princesses and knights. Her father used to find her interests pretty amusing, but her enthusiasm made him smile. That's the reason why every single night, when the Station went to sleep, they read stories together.

Don't take me wrong: Milorf Itkizlorix —this is our Grundo's name— was happy in Virtupets. She was in her element using different gadgets, computers and all sorts of high-tech appliances. Besides, the Station was a nice place to live. The Recreation Deck was a fun place to go. She had good friends in there, and she loved the beauty of the stars as seen through many windows and portholes. However, she couldn't help but feel that she was trapped in a huge bubble of glass and metal. She imagined herself living other lives, breathing the pure air of nature. Of real nature. The Space Station had beautiful greenhouses, but she wanted to see the countryside. She knew these were only wild fantasies, though. So she grew up to become... well, a Grundish Grundo.

Like many Grundos, she got accepted in the Virtupets Computer Programming School. She studied hard. When she managed to get her degree, she found a job in a little company. Sure, it was not the best job in the universe, but Milorf was decently good at it. For a couple years, she though she would be able to settle down and forget her daydreams. But she couldn't.

It wasn't until she had a big fight with her boss that she knew that she needed a change. She needed time to think. Time to strive for new horizons. Her boring routine was driving her mad. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that she had to quit and go chase something else. The next day —much to the confusion of her workmates— she appeared in her office with a resignation letter. As soon as she got back home, Milorf started packing for a long journey. She tuned up her personal rocketship, where she stored her belongings and some food supplies. The rocketship had enough energetic autonomy to go for several months, so she didn't even have to give up on her much-loved electronic devices.

When everything was ready for her leaving, she said good-bye to her family and friends. Even if they were surprised by her sudden decision, they knew they simply couldn't stop her. After that, she embarked in her rocketship with the only company of her petpet Alphonsine. She smiled at her Lab Assistant Without a Lab... and she left the Space Station without looking back.

The next months of Milorf's life were a whirl of adventures, discoveries and new experiences. She devoted herself to travelling all around Neopia, relishing all its wonders. There was not a land that she didn't want to explore, or a corner unworthy of a visit. That world was so awesomely extensive and diverse! She spent all her days gasping in awe. From the heat of Moltara to the cold Terror Mountain, nothing seemed to scare her away. She got friends with some zombies; she slept with desert nomads under the faint glow of Kreludor. She enjoyed Gadgadsbogen, the Altador Cup and a Lunar Festival in Shenkuu. She got lost in the thick Tyrannian Jungle. She submerged herself in the depths of Maraqua. One day, she even managed to have breakfast with pirates, lunch with Faeries, and dinner with some fun Kikos. In other words, she got totally immersed in a charming hodgepodge of sceneries and cultures.

However, Milorf knew that there was a special magic in leaving the best for last. As a consequence, despite her eagerness to see them, her most adored places had to wait. It was not until one morning of Hiding that she decided to visit her dream kingdoms. After some days of relax in Roo Island and Neopia Central, she headed to Brightvale.

Milorf found the well-known rivalry between Meridell and Brightvale sort of hilarious. From her point of view, both nations were beautiful and splendid, and they had reasons to be proud. Wandering through their streets made her feel like she had gone back to ancient and mythical times. Time travelling without a time machine... That's what she liked to call it. And it was amazing. Regarding Brightvale, she loved the majesty of its castle, the beauty of its stained glass, its libraries... Everything there seemed so refined and perfect that the young Grundo couldn't help but feel thrilled. Meridell looked less polished in comparison, but its farm fields and old alleys were lovely. Besides, walking among ladies and knights was exciting, and she enjoyed Meridellian games.

In fact, after several weeks exploring both countries —and the Darigan Citadel—, Milorf realized that, in spite of Brightvale's magnificence, Meridell was much more welcoming. To put it simply, Brightvalians were too studious, too elitist and arrogant for her taste. She didn't consider herself a stupid Grundo. She liked reading... but that was too much. Meridell was different in that sense: most Meridellians were humble Neopians. Even if some of them shared their king's grumpiness, they were not keen on looking down at her.

So she spent there some more days sleeping in modest inns run by farmers, hanging around King Skarl's castle, doing little errands for Illusen, or playing Cheese Roller. Whenever she was particularly bored, she could always visit Meri Acres. Sometimes, she felt adventurous enough to make poor Alphonsine approach the great Turmaculus. That simple life made Milorf very happy... Meridell was the ideal place for her! She kept prolonging her stay without noticing...

...until Reality knocked at her door.

It was time to face the truth: Milorf was not the richest Neopet. She had been wasting lots of money lately and she was running out of Neopoints. She had to admit that, if she didn't want to be in trouble, she needed to stop being so reckless. She needed to find a home and a job. So she sat down in a bench to ponder her choices.

What would Milorf do from that moment on? Was going back to Virtupets the best option? Honestly enough, after all she had seen she found that idea rather depressing. No, she couldn't go back there... Not to live there in a permanent manner. She could find something better for herself, she was sure. But... how?

Suddenly, she knew the answer.

Half an hour later —Milorf's rocketship was speedy—, our Grundo was in front of the Pound. She thought about it again: it was going to be rough, she understood that. But she was not scared. Many Neopets went there hoping to find new families, new lives and permanent homes. Fortunately, she had a family in Virtupets. But she wanted to live in Neopia. She heaved a sigh before entering the gloomy building, a chill running down her spine. She was determined to do it, even if she had to stay there for a year. A pink Uni with a reassuring smile helped her as soon as she got into the reception. Milorf had to fill in some documents; after that, she was ready to be pounded.

Her new bedroom —if that could be described as a bedroom— looked more like a grimy cell. The cot she had as a bed was rickety and uncomfortable, almost as hard as the floor. Well... at least she was not like all those starving dumped pets, since she still had some spare Neopoints. She could have some frugal meals brought to her. Besides, she had the support of her friends and relatives.

So she took it all philosophically, gathering some patience and optimism. She had a hunch. She was certain that, sooner or later, she was going to find a nice home.

And... well, she found it. Not only that: she found the most wonderful home in all Neopia! The wait was hard. It took her a long time to find a way out of the Pound, but it was worth it. She could never have imagined —not even in her sweetest dreams— that she would be so lucky. Because she ended up living in the cutest Meridellian castle... with a real princess! It was said princess, Flyzzabella of Dronn, who found her languishing in her infamous cubicle. Flyzza was dressed as a farmer that morning, but she couldn't fool Milorf: she was a Royal. The Grundo's excitement made the Buzz laugh, so they started talking and they soon became friends. Flyzzabella happened to be looking for a housemate, so she offered Milorf to live with her.

So Milorf lived happily ever after. She still went to Virtupets now and then, but she put down roots in Meridell, where she started working as an innkeeper's assistant. Since Flyzza was a vocational farmer, she tried to help her in her farming duties. In return, Flyzzabella used her connections to introduce her to many important people.

Milorf was the happiest Grundo on Neopia. She had everything she had ever wanted: a perfect house in her favourite land, lots of stories to tell, and interesting acquaintances. Life smiled upon her, and she was grateful for its blessings. She was thankful for all of it. In fact, she is thankful for all of it. Because she is still the happiest Grundo on Neopia.

But how do I know all this? you might ask. Well... Let's say I met Milorf once or twice.

Oh, by the way! If you see Flyzzabella, tell her that I'll be late at work. Just in case.

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