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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Euden
Owner: jpcrusader1
Breed: Draik

About Euden:
My name is Euden. Some call me Lord Euden of the house of Brightvale, but just Euden is fine. Humble, I know, but that's not the main reason why I dislike the title.

You see, I left Brightvale a while ago. Books, scrolls, long flowy robes, and know-it-alls aren't for me. I mean, geez, besides not being useful or practical in any way, knowing the name and birthyear of the the third king of Sakhmet isn't even cool. (The answer, by the way, is King Rashal-Ir and 823 BN.)

And what's even more important, being in nobility stinks. Oh, yeah, you get money and food and nice stuff. You're distantly related to the big shots of the kingdom. But you know what?

Heroes never come from nobility. Ever.

Take Jeran the Great or Brynneth of Brightvale. Were they nobles? No, they were knights. Glorious knights. Kanrik and a whole slew of others were thieves – not a very noble profession, to be sure. Certainly Nabile actually turned out to be a princess, but before that she was a thief, too.

So, just last year, I embarked on my personal exodus, which one might call rebellious, but I call glorious. My first destination was, undeniably, the magnificent land of Meridell, home to knights, magic, and the stuff that faerie tales are made of. Such was my preconceived notion of the land, though my first impression was quite different.

As I stood in the middle of the old trodden path leading through Meri Acres to Meridell castle, now clearing my throat and preparing to speak my pre-thought-out monologue to the attentive rural audience, an old Wocky with a wheelbarrow behind me yelled at me to get out of the way. I would have ignored him and continued, but he shoved me aside and wheeled right past me. Shaking the dust off my boots, I decided to skip the monologue and continue on with my journey.

I passed through the gates of Meridell castle, which stood at either side heralding my arrival. The door to the throne room was open, so I proceeded to enter, but the guard stopped me.

"Hey, buddy, no one gets through without stating their business," he lectured. I internally scoffed at his lack of originality. "Now, are you here to tell a joke to the King?"

I stared the big Moehog right in the eyes and said, "What do you mean, a joke? Do I look like I'm joking?"

He laughed at me. And then let me pass. I was furious, but speaking with the King was more pressing than putting the neopet in his rightful place, so I let it go.

King Skarl was on his throne, but he looked rather grumpy, to put it kindly. I took the cue, knelt, and said in my most polite voice, "Your Majesty, I wish to humbly offer my sword in service of your kingdom."

He did not look amused, but simply pointed out, "You're wearing a uniform of Brightvale."

"Your Majesty, I am actually a noble of Brightvale, but I have left the kingdom in search of the greater calling in my life," I said earnestly, still on my knees. "It has been my lifelong wish to become a hero, and I came here in hopes that your Majesty might perhaps-"

King Skarl had been sort of glaring at me the whole time. But before I finished my sentence, he laughed. Very loudly, might I add. After he was finished (and I still awkwardly kneeling in front of him), he told his aide to give me some royal cheese bread, then proceeded to mutter something incoherent about fierce Peophins and a tin of olives.

I did not take being laughed at for the second time very well. I simply bowed my way out without another word to the boisterous king. (The cheese bread, however, I grudgingly took, since I had not eaten since leaving Brightvale and had no neopoints left for food.) As I left, the Moehog guard smirked in my direction. I threw him a fiery glance and walked out.

Now feeling quite trampled, I took a detour into the woodlands of Meridell. I lay down for a rest at the base of a tree, still recovering from my humiliation and the massive cheese bread. I vowed never to show my face in the castle again until I had proven my mettle.

While pondering my next course of action, I felt something small but heavy touch my arm and sniff at me. I wondered briefly what kind of leaf had mutated and grown a nose. I opened my eyes to a wild Seece.

I yelled. It kind of stared at me with its beady, large, red eyes. It wasn't particularly alarmed, but it still backed off a bit, off of my arm. And I glared at it. Hard.

"Ye little fiend, foul rodent," I growled at it. "Do you dare to creep upon a warrior unawares? Have you no code of honour, villain?" (I received no response; it continued staring.) "Do you hold your tongue lest you implicate yourself? Fine, then. Your silence implicates you."

It squeaked.

I stared at it. The Seece lay down and rolled around in the grass, as if trying to tell me something.

I do not understand petpet charadespeak. I naturally did not understand what it was trying to say. So I squinted at it. Hard.

It stopped rolling, stood up on its hind feet, and sort of dipped its head and looked up at me.

Now I had second thoughts that perhaps petpets were indeed intelligent creatures. Perhaps petpet-language I did not understand, but this gesture I did. The Seece had unmistakably bowed to me. Could there be any clearer gesture to show its sworn fealty? So I spoke to it.

"Perhaps I have misjudged you, Seece, and spoken out of turn," I said most gently. "If it is your service you swear to me, I will accept it in humility." (Here it wagged its many ears in agreement.) "Then, Seece, the deed is done. I hereby dub thee Sir Rufus Runewhite, noble vassal to a great hero-to-be."

He clearly enjoyed his new name. Perhaps he was a wise creature after all to understand the proper and underappreciated value of alliteration. Now-Rufus squeaked again and turned his head sideways, staring at me. This noble Seece was now my knighted vassal and can perhaps be called my heroic "sidekick", as some call it.

And as the wise and ancient scholars of Brightvale say, every great venture begins with a step back and a leap forward. This day and its fated meeting marked but the beginning of my epic quest to herodom.

Now, a new chapter of my... What? I'm out of time? Fine, fine, give me a minute... Ahem.

Now, the unknown future spread out before me: wide, endless, yet unexplored. But I was not alone on this journey anymore. Knowing that I had a companion watching my back, who, at my worst times, would be my greatest aid, I could now walk on without fear. Such was only the first step of a thousand miles, but I could ask for no surer step than one alongside my newfound friend.

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